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  1. Paid the entry fee and have a house rented. Planned on giving it a shot. Tried last year, but somehow a fractured femur got in the way. Anyone else giving it a shot? Ken
  2. Site rep. Traveled to Hartwell on Wednesday after New Year. Got set up at the house we rented. Had all kinds of bait with us that needed care. Fished Thursday and Friday. I though we were fishing for decent fish, but, oh no, turns out we were fishing for dinks. Was told two twenty's would easily win. Turns out one twenty would have won. Managed to pick up one fish each on Thursday and Friday 4-5 pounds each. Marked a bunch of fish on various spots. Got ready to go on Saturday. Picked up the striper tubes as this is a live weigh in tourney. Tied rigs and got rods ready to go on Saturday. As it turns out, you don't need many rigs ready when you aren't catching anything. Saturday came. Up at 4:00, on the water by 5:30 for a 7:00 lines in time. Check in is at 3:45. Scouted some spots, and got set up. Did I mention that all the spots we marked on Friday were now unfishable because of a 15-20 mph wind and 2' whitecaps? Found some coves and picked up our first fish around 12:00. A whopping 1.2 pound striper. We are weighing that monster in come hell or high water. Throw him in the bait tank where he seems relatively happy. Move to our last spot which is a series of points that we didn't scout. About 2:30 we pick up a 3.4 pounder, and about 2:50 we pick up a 5.1 pounder. A whopping 8.5 pound bag limit. With the run and the whitecaps, we packed up and headed to the weigh in. Finished 18th out of 62 boats. For a lake we had never seen before, I was OK with the finish. We started in a large cove, and probably should have stayed there. Big fish of the tourney came from there at 16 pounds. Winning bag was 17.4 pounds. Turns out Hartwell apparently had a large die off this spring/summer. Lesson is be happy with the fish we have here in Tennessee. We will try again next year. I now have some spots and techniques I didn't have before. Striper fishing with a number 8 hook being one of them.
  3. I have an Ulterra that is like new and needs a home. Like new with a 48" shaft. Friend of mine passed away and wife is trying to sell it. I can check if you're interested.
  4. TNKen


    Where does it break? I spool with braid and use a leader. My experience is that straight floro is somewhat brittle and has little stretch. I have used Seguar and Yo-Zuri. Ended up giving up on it. I could never get a terminal knot that was reliable. I think you have to use several feet of the stuff, i.e. 10-12 before it has enough stretch.
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    That's down the road a little bit!! The picture of her with that fish actually led to the marriage. She posted it on social media, and somehow Anthony saw it. They started talking and agreed to meet one weekend when we were working ski patrol. They have been inseparable ever since. Anthony isn't much of an outdoorsman. We took him to Norris a year or so ago on a bluebird day when it was about 20 degrees. Chased gulls all day. Only caught one fish, but he got it in the boat. He does enjoy going fishing with us, and he tries hard, but with his schedule, he doesn't get much of an opportunity to go.
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    Every now and then on my Lowrance, I can pick up a thermocline. Typically in deeper water. Usually about 40' or so of a lightly colored band.
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    Mine is 47, but my boat record is 52. We had multiple fish over 45 that weekend, one 50 and a 52. My next personal goal is of course a 50. Here is me and my daughter with a 44.
  8. TNKen


    Be careful about temperature change from the lake to the tank. More than about 5 degrees is harmful. After you net the bait, I usually put them into a bucket of water for a few minutes. Then lift them out of the water into the tank. Do not dump the slime and scales into the tank. Filters, keep your filters clean. When they first go in, check about every 10 minutes. After they purge and quit sliming, check less frequently.
  9. I have pretty much gone to braid with a leader. Depending on the fish, sometimes it is just a mono leader, other times a floro coated leader, sometimes a pure floro. We fish for trout in the Holston a lot. Crystal clear water, lots of fishing pressure. Everyone on the boat uses the same type of jerk bait. Some different color patterns. Braid and about a 4' floro coated leader. I have a couple of friends that can catch four to my one. I can put on the same color or even take that rod and lure to use. Its all in the presentation.
  10. On Thursday and Friday of last week, October 20 and 21, the TWRA commission met and discussed the transportation of bait, specifically gizzard shad, threadfin shad, and skipjack, relative to the Asian carp problem which has started in West Tennessee. The TWRA chief of fisheries made certain recommendations in Proclamation 18-12 which would only limit the transportation of bait in portions of Regions 1 and 2. One of the Commissioners attempted to modify the recommendation to extend the recommendation to the entire state. The Fisheries Committee did not support the recommendation, and approved the Proclamation as written. Overnight, there was much debate and lobbying to support a statewide ban on bait transportation. Tons of behind the scene work was done. Steve Nichols, Ezell Cox, Jay Girardot, David Powell, Roy Hawk, Gary Harris, Kenny Witt, Doug Steffe, Joe Asher, Mel Cook, and Jim Durham, and several others jumped on board and worked hard to oppose the statewide prohibition. Several of us attended the meeting on Friday before the full commission, expecting that a voice modification to the Proclamation would be made. Although the two commissioners who were supporting a statewide ban spoke against the Proclamation as written, there was no voice amendment made and as of now, the ban on transportation only affects portions of Region 1 and 2. This issue will resurface soon. We need to be vigilant in making sure that we are not part of the problem, and self-police to stop unlawful transportation of bait. We can be our own worst enemy here. Asian carp may work their way upstream, but we don't need to be part of the problem. Thanks for all that worked hard on real short notice. It was truly a group effort. And a big thanks to the TWRA staff for their recommendations and research with this problem. Below is the text from the TWRA website re the Proclamation. Several of the new fishing regulations are geared toward the agency’s effort to battle the invasive Asian carp. In TWRA Region I and II, skipjack herring, gizzard shad, and threadfin shad will not be able to be transported alive from the Mississippi River and Barkley, Kentucky, and Pickwick reservoirs and any tributaries or oxbows of these waters. The restrictions do not apply to the Duck River above Normandy Dam. These bait species are similar in appearance to small Asian carp. This change is aimed to reduce the risk of accidentally introducing Asian carp into new waterways.
  11. Interestingly enough, TWRA has been unable to identify any Asian Carp reproduction in the Tennessee waters, so says Frank Fiss, TWRA chief of fisheries. Life cycle is apparently like a striper and the eggs have to have a float for about 48 hours. They are also apparently temperature sensitive, all of which should help with controlling them beyond where they are.
  12. You dropped as many bombs as I did!!!
  13. TNKen

    navionics or lakemaster chips

    Ditto on Platinum Navionics..
  14. Rocks, stumps, submerged trees, barbed wire fences, submerged metal objects, aka cars, who knows. I now have a primary and two spares. Soon to have another.
  15. I am trying the Bass Pro gear guard warranty on a new net that is on order. I'll keep you posted. I told the young lady that sold me the net that sometimes all I got back was the rope. She laughed and said bring it in.
  16. TNKen

    Any Garmin Echomap owners here?

    My Lowrance HDS 12 Gen 2 is now a dinosaur. But it still functions well and I know how to use it. But, I would really like one of the new Garmin 7616 units. Someone loan me $6,000.
  17. I don't know anything about doing this, but why don't you put a fiberglass transom back in the boat? Never understood using wood in a boat anyway? There are companies that make all kinds of pultruded fiberglass shapes.
  18. My cheapo cast net is a Betts No-Spook 10' in 3/8 mesh. If you are new to cast netting, I would probably start with a 6' and work up from there. And, yes, I have several in various lakes that are now permanent fixtures. I have figured out if you order them in pairs, the shipping cost is the same.
  19. At about 1:36, you can see someone come out of the dam house and watch. I thought they were working on taking all the low water dams out of the river systems?
  20. TNKen

    Fort Loudoun Stripers

    Need a report when you conclude!
  21. TNKen

    Fishing License

    I like the idea of pro-rating it out per day. I normally get a sportsman's license, but it jumped up quite a bit in price last year, and I haven't hunted in many years. So, I jumped on the $59 all species fishing license with a $5.00 hard card for this year. I'm kind of in the same boat on an annual license lasting one year from the date of purchase. I saltwater fish quite a bit in Florida, and last year in Louisiana. The year long license has helped me quite a bit in those state.
  22. Sneaking off this afternoon to see how it goes. I'm walking on a cane, so this may not be so good. River is running and supposedly some stripers have been spotted. Will let you know what happens.
  23. TNKen

    Giving it a shot today

    I was just happy to be out on a beautiful day. Never been fishing in East Tennessee on Feb 22 in shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Boat ran, everything worked. Mounted a new Riptide Ulterra that worked great. When I got hurt, I had a tank of bait to go fishing the next day. Had to get Trey to dump it for me. All in all, a good day.
  24. TNKen

    Giving it a shot today

    Yep, appoint Ezell as my guardian fisherman. Survived. Slow but one 19 pound striper!!! Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!