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  1. I just know if you have a riveted river boat that occasionally bangs on rocks, they tend to leak. I have a 19.5' Grumman square stern canoe that is likewise bulletproof.
  2. Whatever you get, just make sure the joints are welded aluminum. I think most manufacturers have gotten away from rivets, but a lot of the older boats aren't.
  3. Mine is 23.5 plus a 2' swim deck, aka another spot for a bait tank.
  4. Jet with a tunnel hull. 18-20' is good, bigger is better!! Look on Facebook Marketplace as there are usually several, as well as Craigslist.
  5. The shoal in the bottom pic put the first ding in my boat. We missed the slot by about 12" and bam.
  6. The Holston and Watauga collectively are two of the best trout rivers east of the Mississippi. They hold roughly 8-10,000 trout per mile of river. I like to fish when the river is generating using jerk bait lures, but of course, that means you have to have a boat of some description. You can also find places here and there where you can cast from the bank on generating waters. Spoons and spinners also work at times. Option #2 is flyrod, but that takes patience and knowledge of the river and hatches. Most fish on low water, or small releases, but this can also be done on generating water. Option #3 is the standard natural bait method, corn, salmon eggs, minnows, etc. I can suggest a guide or two to get you started.
  7. Be careful, there is the Live which was introduced last October, and now the LiveSight which was introduced recently which looks to be the addition of a new transducer. Good online reviews, but I have heard otherwise third-hand from some users. I was looking at the Garmin LiveScope, but keep getting choked on the price.
  8. dada

    TNKEN, I'm looking for a 48" Trovola . Is it still available, & WHAT PRICE ASKED?  12 V. is wanted, but I always carry 2 batteries for trolling.  Give me a message or call 865-922-4524.  dada 2-26-19  9AM

    1. TNKen


      Check your messages, but unfortunately, the motor sold.

  9. I have an Ulterra that is like new and needs a home. Like new with a 48" shaft. Friend of mine passed away and wife is trying to sell it. I can check if you're interested.
  10. My Lowrance HDS 12 Gen 2 is now a dinosaur. But it still functions well and I know how to use it. But, I would really like one of the new Garmin 7616 units. Someone loan me $6,000.
  11. I don't know anything about doing this, but why don't you put a fiberglass transom back in the boat? Never understood using wood in a boat anyway? There are companies that make all kinds of pultruded fiberglass shapes.
  12. I run Interstate batteries for my Minn Kota 101. I get maybe 3 years out of them, if I am lucky. Same for cranking batteries, but I run a bait tank off of them too. If you got 10 years off an Exide, I would replace with exactly what I took out.
  13. They know I primarily striper fish, but occasionally fish for bass and fish a few tournaments here and there. Always helpful when I walk in with questions. Quick to help with lure selections and tackle. Bass Pro is less than a mile from my house in Bristol, but I go to them when I need something. Ditto on great folks!!!
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