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  1. Broken----Again---Grrrrrr

    Yep, landed squarely on it. Broke at the top, greater trochanter.
  2. Broken----Again---Grrrrrr

    You may recall that I am on ski patrol at Beech Mountain, NC and have volunteered there as a patroller for pushing 20 years. I'm not bad on a pair of skis. About 6 months ago, I elected to have both of my hips resurfaced because of arthritis and my desire to remain active. Heck, the primary reason I scheduled the timing was for ski season this year. We opened the Friday after thanksgiving. I was a little out of kilter, because of the drastic change in geometry in my stance resulting from the hip surgery. Basically my feet now point forward as opposed to outward like a duck as they have been for about the last 10 years or so. Anyway, on my second run, things were starting to work well. Was on a flat part of the hill and I was making a turn to the left at relatively slow speed to pull along side a group of fellow patrollers. Had a ski edge run up under me, and I toppled over. Landed squarely on the point of my femur and heard the pop. Sled ride by my crew to the bottom, ambulance ride to the hospital, and a helicopter ride back to the hospital in South Carolina. The femur popped near, but did not involve the resurfacing implant. Surgery on Sunday morning by a great team. Out on Tuesday, and homebound for 6-8 weeks. No weight bearing on the left leg. Bumbling around in a wheelchair and have graduated to crutches. Staples out today. Both the orthopedic trauma surgeon and my personal doc said the implant had nothing to do with the break. I just had an unlucky fall on exactly the wrong spot. Get to ski next season. Recon I'll be the dispatcher for the crew after Christmas when I get to start weight bearing. Oh yeah, my fishing buddy and I were going to fish the Striper Challenge January 5-6 on Lake Hartwell. Fortunately they were nice enough to refund my entry fee. Oh well, next year. Ken
  3. Any Experienced Rod Builders?

    Thanks. I saw the same thing. Looks like I could start with the basic rod building package and pick and choose what I really needed. 200 colors of thread didn't look too appealing when it looks like 3-4 would be just fine. I have three of their MH top of the line rods that the guy built for me. Two casting rods for bass and a spinning jig rod that I can use for bass or trout. Super light and sensitive. Very pleased with the product. If I do this, I want to find some stiffer 7' rods for stripers, similar to the Teramar rods I use now.
  4. Any Experienced Rod Builders?

    I know nothing about rod building. There is a local guy that builds some nice rods from www.Mudhole.com Mud Hole has a bunch of online instructional videos that might help you. http://www.mudhole.com/Instructional-Videos I may ask Santa to bring me one of their rod building kits this year.
  5. Skipjack

    Keeping Skippies alive is tough. With a standard 50 gallon tank, you can keep 3-4 alive for a couple of hours. Biggest thing you can do, in my opinion, is add oxygen. I went to a 100 gallon Mel's tank, with a 1,000 gph pump, and added oxygen. We can keep 8 or so alive, healthy and fishable for 6 hours or so. I kept 5 overnight, but they weren't in great shape next morning.
  6. Skipjack

    We hand tie a little jig, kind of like a crappie jig. Flashy materials. Put two or three on the line, weight the end. Reel, jerk, reel, jerk. If you aren't getting success, let it hit the bottom and work from there. Catching is fun, keeping them alive to use for bait is a bitch.
  7. Striper anywhere

    Boone still remains a wasteland for stripers. Fished from daylight to about 2:00 and didn't boat a single one.
  8. Battery recommendations

    I run Interstate batteries for my Minn Kota 101. I get maybe 3 years out of them, if I am lucky. Same for cranking batteries, but I run a bait tank off of them too. If you got 10 years off an Exide, I would replace with exactly what I took out.
  9. Watson's Marine

    They know I primarily striper fish, but occasionally fish for bass and fish a few tournaments here and there. Always helpful when I walk in with questions. Quick to help with lure selections and tackle. Bass Pro is less than a mile from my house in Bristol, but I go to them when I need something. Ditto on great folks!!!
  10. Boils fishing at the dam.

    They may have been, but I didn't see any. We were there from about 4:00-6:00 on Saturday after making a fishless run below Ft. Loudon.
  11. Boils fishing at the dam.

    Well, made a run to Melton Hill. Fairly unproductive. Fished a couple of hours and got a catfish and two white bass. Ken
  12. Boils fishing at the dam.

    Dang. Work gets in the way of all the fun.
  13. Info on Braided Flouro line

    Thanks. My bass fishing buddy researched it thoroughly yesterday, and apparently the latest, greatest flouro braid is now made by Daiwia
  14. Well, went bass fishing the other night. First time in a couple of years. Had 30 pound Power Pro on the rod. Looking for recommendations on a braided line that will light up under the black lights. Tried some jig dye on the Power Pro last night which did not work. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Favorite Spinning Reel Brand

    Back on the Battle kick. Best thing, is if they break, Penn will send you a new one for $25.