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    Went alone today & got 12 large crappie 3 cats & 1 drum. + a few throwbacks. Water temp dropped back to 66 this AM, 2 days ago, it was 68. Crappie were back in deeper water, hitting boards & longlines. All were still full of roe. My biggest was 14". 2 boats said they didn't get any crappie casting close to shore & didn't try my way. dada 4-13-19 8:53 PM
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    If my 2 cents are worth anything, we have to give hope where it is due. Today, we stopped at Swan's Marina for minnows. While Charger 1 got them, the lady probably gave twice as much as we ordered, AND at $1.99 a big dozen, cheaper than anyone around! I talked to the newer owner who said he is spending $20,000.00 to put in a decent ramp & prevent rigs getting stuck in the mud at his ramp. He also put us on where limits of crappie were being caught. He seemed to be a nice new owner, so I told him about getting stuck years ago in the ramp area & the THEN owner wouldn't help me get out. I had to put on chains while he sat there by his truck & cable & watched! I will give the new one a try. dada 4-17-19 5:29 PM
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    KWK, My thread is available to all. I get a lot of good advice from other members, fish with some great members all the time. TA offers the best buy available! I tried the others- not acceptable!!!!!!! dada 4-15-19 9:38 PM
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    Did you try that secret creek no one knows about?
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    O.K. fellas & gals. Here's the scoop. Today, Charger 1 & I caught most of our 11 crappie, 10 white bass (or stripers, durnnit!) & 2 drum on PINK FLIES & MINNOWS> We got them on longlines. Water temp-66 with lots of debris coming down the lake. The other few we got on Chartruse/yellow jigs with minnows. dada 4-17-19 5:08 PM
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    Kwk I’d use a 1/16 or 1/32 oz jig head (1/32 if fishing 0-4 feet and 1/16 if 4-10 feet) with the Bass Assassins/Bobby Garlands you have in the box. I use some of those same colors myself. We use these jig heads and baits either tight lined, under a float, and vertical jigging depending on what structure/cover we are fishing. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t fish any water deeper than than 10 feet. Hope this helps you put some slabs in the livewell.
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    Everything I saw on the sonar today was no higher than 10'.. Caught a half dozen nice females fishing those depths, and a couple of tiny ones shallow early.
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    That’s a nice mess! Thanks for the update! Me and a friend got 21 keepers and some throwbacks today fishing 11:00-6:00. Mostly whites and some females with roe. What blacks we caught were dark black males, no ladies. I think most the female blacks are or have laid out. Same water temp. Caught some up shallow on the bank once the sun came out in the evening, but what we caught early in the trip were suspended.
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