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    I watched it Rusty. That was'a sum spicy meatballs of fish! I've felt the same way at Watauga, on a smaller scale, a few times. The day my buddy Captain D and I caught just 5 Trout but 4 of 'em were well over 20 inches. We quit early when we counted up 12+ pounds of Lakers, for a pair. The two big Rainbows were over 10 pounds. It was getting hot and how much more meat do we really need? We both voted for an air-conditioned truck ride home. I'd say it was my best trip to Watauga and I didn't pull in a Laker. It was Captain D's turn every time we got a Laker strike.
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    It is the best when caught with sabiki but can b e caught easier with cast net.
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    Got a tasty treat on the holston last night
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    Wife’s Biopsy results are ALL CLEAR! PRAISE THE LORD! Thank you all for your prayers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think that the last time I caught one was in that deep pool just upstream of the John Sevier bridge. That was a long time ago....maybe 40 years ago. I never caught a really big Sauger in Fort Loudoun.....the biggest maybe 18". Most of 'em were 12 to 15" and it took 2 or 3 of 'em to make a good meal. I had Sauger for lunch quite often back in the 60's and maybe into the 70's. I quit fishing for 'em as much and had my eyes on the Little T for Browns gradually over time. It seems like the flooding events that drove the Sauger upstream, or somewhere else, started in the 80's. After the winter '83 event, the lake was suddenly at least 2 feet shallower along the banks where I could see. That was the biggest flooding event but each new event delivered more silt. My parents built a house on the lake back in '79 on Maloney Road next to a creek. I used to enjoy watching the Largemouths spawning in the creek's cove. About, 20 years ago, the cove finally got too shallow for the spawn. Silt, silt, silt......
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    Rusty, We put an X on your boat to follow you to those honey holes, BUT you changed boats! LOL dada 6-9-19 7:06 AM
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    Only 17? I think I've had seasons where I've caught less than 17
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