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    I really wanted to try Chilhowee at night with the full moon....and the heat. I couldn't find anybody who wanted to go. I settled for a Friday afternoon trip by myself. It was hot! I hit the water about 1 p.m. I started out downstream and put out four lines, plugs on the sides and a spoon and hoochie behind the boat. I went down the north shore and headed into the channel going upstream about a mile down from the ramp. I never got a strike till I was upstream of Abrams Creek. On the first downrigger strike I lost the fish of the day. I was running the spoon at about 12 feet. I saw the fish jump just before the fish pulled the line off the ball. I had the rod in hand for jumps, two, three, and four. Number four produced freedom for a 'Bow that looked to be 3-4 pounds. When I got just around the corner headed up to Tabcat Creek the downrigger spoon was struck again but this time I landed a plump 17" Rainbow. They were probably just starting to generate upstream at this point. There wasn't too much seaweed yet. On the way back downstream from Tabcat Creek. I caught a foot-long Perch on a hoochie and lost another Rainbow that liked to jump. Then I caught a 15" Smallmouth on a plug across the lake from the fishing dock and outhouses. From this point on the upper lake was littered with seaweed and it was getting harder to fish. Calderwood has been releasing 9,000 CFPS most afternoon lately. That stirs the weeds! The downrigger was the least affected of my four lines but even it got fouled once. The rest of the day I managed to get a 16" Rainbow, a 13" Smallmouth, and a little Perch on the downrigger. One of the times when I had just cleaned a plug, it got a strike about 30 seconds after I got the line out. It was a another little Perch. I had to pull in the plugs over and over to clean the weeds off. Chilhowee looks like it's coming back. All the Rainbows I hooked looked to be 15" or more. There was lots of surface action in the upper lake. I saw a big Smallmouth up on the surface chasing that looked about 5 pounds. I wish I'd caught a few more fish but the weeds got in the way.....
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    I’ve been trying to stock up on fillets to take to my girlfriends parents. Last night my friends were wanting to hang out at the local watering hole so I was thinking “oh well no fishing.....” but alas!! The watering hole is only 50-75 yards from the river! I tied some lengths of 20 lb mono to an old sunken dock and baited with frozen gizzard shad and somehow landed one. I had another line that was pulled up river but it snagged and broke the hook shank
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    sHere's another picture from my last several trips to Watauga.....I don't know how to reduce there HD pictures, so, I can only post one at a time. I'm considering fishing Chilhowee Lake tonight or tomorrow.
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    Yes. He's been sick but he's working. Quality is first class. He usually tears them down, all the way and puts the good parts in parts washer and replaces worn parts. If you're looking for a quality job performed by a craftsman Dominion is the guy to call. Some guys out there will pull side plates and squirt a cleaner in there and tell you it's cleaned. That's not the way he works. Very professional, very meticulate about his work. No, I'm not related or have an interest in this business. I will brag on people when they've earned it.
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