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    I am inclined to think they are juvenile rockfish and that soon there will be huge hordes of them chomping on crappie.
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    Everybody hopes they are. (except maybe one)
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    This is where things can get a little confusing because the stripes are broken on every single white bass. The way to tell HYBRID from ROCKFISH is the broken stripes . Distinguishing a white bass from a hybrid can be tricky if not impossible but distinguishing a white bass from a rockfish is easy
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    Hi folks. I live in N.Ga and my outdoor activities include -fishing ,hunting and gardening. I used to fish a lot of tournaments; but have slowed down a lot. I really like fishing the clear mountain lakes and streams. I enjoy getting away from bass fishing sometimes. I enjoy catching multi-species that include trout, walleye, yellow perch, crappie and big bream, or shellcrackers. I found this site while lookin for info on yellow perch fishing. Thanks, for letting me in.
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    Not likely hybrids since Eagle Bend does not produce hybrids. The hybrids come from other hatcheries. Most likely female white bass but could be small striped bass.
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    screw the turtles, give them to me! Haha
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    Derrick, turtles have to eat too! Now you know why I don.t fish Cherokee & Norris anymore----SO MANY HUNGRY TURTLES! dada 1-11-19 3:43 PM
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    You're on to something dada. I'd bet they was rockfish and they have ate all the crappie out of there like they did at Cherokee. U may have to start rock fishing.
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