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    CA girl all my life, now I'm moving to TN with more lakes, more streams and bigger fish. The closest fishing from here in San Fernando Valley is at least 4 hours away. It's about time I move out of CA. I have fished freshwater all my like and occasionally surf and charters. I own multiple fishing poles and spinning reels, a few ocean reels. For bait its #1 Nightcrawlers, Lures,salmon eggs. My husband and i usually camp for at least a week in the Sierras where we fish stocked rainbows, 2-3 times a year. I love fishing, and the outdoors. My only birthday wish for the last 20 years is to go fishing.
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    I live between Kingsport and Fall-Branch. I’ve fished all my life. I used to fish Striper tournaments (Stu Tinneys STRIPER trail) fished local bass tournaments and did the BASS club thing. Guided some for stripers on Boone working with Tom Richards.. when my daughter was born in 95 I had to step back from it. Fishing 5 days a week is basically work and I needed to dedicate my time to my family. After my daughter was older;I started pay lake carp fishing and enjoyed that very much. I also hunt deer and turkey and just enjoy what God has blessed us with. i have a grandson now and am getting back into fishing so in a few years we can hopefully make some memories as I did with my grandfather. Got a boat a couple weeks ago(Tracker 175 TXW TE) and am looking forward to getting “my mojo” back. Lol
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    Thanks for adding me, I am in east TN and usually fish for trout, bass, and carp. I mainly fish the rivers wading or from aluminum bass boat.My home rivers are the Clinch, Holston, French Broad, Smokies. It's unlimited what we have within a couple of hours drive. I mainly fly fish but do some spin fishing here and there. I look forward to learning and helping when I can.
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    You'll be living on top of the Cumberland Plateau. It's a bit cooler there in summer than in the valley but it's colder and snows more in the winter. You may not like the Central Time Zone. Cumberland County and all the counties west left the Eastern Time Zone during the Radio Wars of the 1920's. The Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville, beat out the Mid Day Merry Go Round, in Knoxville as the most popular radio show. Folks didn't wanna be confused about when the Opry was on the air. It gets dark early in Crossville. It ought to be on Eastern Time. Crossville is about 60 miles west of Knoxville. I mostly fish in the mountain lakes to the east in both Tennessee and North Carolina. My lakes are Chilhowee, Calderwood, Cheoah, Santeetlah, Fontana, South Holston, and my favorite, Watauga which serves up fat Lakers like this one.....
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    Hope you enjoy our state. Fishing is good here. What part of TN? Welcome to TN
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    Welcome to the Tennessee Valley! Now you're a big time valley girl armed with a rod and reel. There's more kinds of fish here. Take your pick.
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    Welcome aboard Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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