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    My grandson and I caught a few at Hickory Star this week. Biggest one was 25 inches and two were 20 inches.
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    more salmon pics. I'm getting old. I enjoy not fight 3-4 ft waves on Watugua. Hope to go Sat.
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    Salmon fishing in northern lake MI the first 2 weeks of July was hit and miss. Lots of high winds. Went on 5 trips and caught 6 kings and a steelhead. Fishing was decent the first few days of July then a big SW blow for 2.5 days scattered the salmon and bait and we caught one mature king on the last 2 trips. It should have blown them in, but it was the opposite. Lots of zeros for guys fishing. Northern Pike were on fire up in the bay. Any weed you saw had one to 2 pike on it. Pike have returned to Northern Green bay like they were in the 50 and 60s my Grandpa and dad told. Spent more than half my time prepping my deer camp and cabin for fall when it was too windy. Here are a few of the king salmon catches.
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