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    I'd put the pictures here but I don't know how to down-rez 'em to fit. See 'em at Caroliner. The big Perch was beautiful and had the most red lower fins that I've ever seen. They're usually quite orange. I didn't take a very good picture of the Steelhead Rainbow. It was a purr-fect is a gxample of their stretched-out torso. We did miss a few species. After catching nearly all Browns on my last trip up there, I expected to catch one, but no. We saw a school of fish sitting deep and hoped they were Walleyes but they must of been White Bass because we caught two 'em in a row. Rex has yet to catch a Walleye. I wish we'd luck into one on one of our trips. A Walleye and a Brown would of been a slam.
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    See my fishing report over at NC Anglers Forum. Rex and I hit Santeetlah yesterday. The top of the lake is so very warm. The TD Hawk revealed the temp was 51 at 100 feet down by the dam. We trolled the spoons on the downrigger at 50 feet. We ran size Zero and One Dipsy Divers with spoons, a flat line with a plug, and my new ultra light lead-core rod with a plug. We had 5 lines out all day. We take turns on the fish. Rex went first. As we trolled away upstream from the dam, it only took about 3 minutes to get a strike. Rex caught a 16" Yellow Perch. I was just finishing putting out the second line, the downrigger spoon, when the Perch struck. We caught another smaller Perch, 2 Largemouths, 2 Smallmouths, 2 White Bass, and 3 Rainbows. All the fish, except one Largemouth, hit at 35 feet or deeper. It was Rex's turn when the two best Trout hit. He caught a 20.5" , 3.15 pound Rainbow, and an 18" Steelhead Rainbow. Some of the Rainbows in there are the Steelhead strain that have several extra vertebrae and have a longer build. I had a small spoon with a single hook on the downrigger at the start of the day. We only hooked one of the first four strikes on that spoon. I managed my only Rainbow on it. I took it off and put a blue & silver Michigan Stinger Scorpion, 2.25", spoon on with a treble hook. The two bigger Rainbows hit it. I usually catch more Trout and less other at Santeetlah but the Perch and White Bass we had for din-din were tasty. We're having Trout tonight. Well, we had a good time. Rex was tickled about his biggest ever Rainbow. We let all the Black Bass go.....
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    I was up there the day after you troutgirl. I was seeing 64 up top and 70 near Abrams and 77 at the dam. Then later in the day it was 68 from the powerhouse all the way to the ramp with strong current , they were really pumping . We went up there for perch but got a pesky 19.5” smallmouth instead ........ heard tale of someone catching several dozen perch in a day recently, we got zero. Very happy with a big smallmouth but I guess I need to work on my perch game
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    Scott, I hit Chilhowee Friday morn. I was there at the break of dawn.I started downstream from the ramp on the shallow side and put out the ball with a spoon 30 feet back. It only took me about 5 minutes to hook a Rainbow. It got off on the second jump. It took about another 5 minutes to land a Rainbow. I think the spoon was one of the ones you gave me. It's a little, thumbnail sized spoon that's half pink and half blue. It didn't take too long to get another downrigger strike but this time it was a 12" Yellow Perch. Then I made a big turn to go upstream, this time in the channel on the far side. I soon picked up another Rainbow. After that, the only thing I caught on the spoon was Perch. When I went upstream of Abrams Creek, trolling conditions were poor. There were weeds from heavy generating everywhere. The downrigger was the only line that was somewhat immune to getting fouled quickly. The downrigger kept catching Perch. Well, the plugs caught some too when they were not fouled. I caught and released 7 Perch. The first one was the biggest. The Perch ran small. On my way back downstream I almost lost my ball. I was on the edge of the channel in water over 30 feet deep but there was a big plum of algae that the ball hit at about 17 feet. It nearly bent the ball's snubber off. When I pulled it up it was hanging by a fish hook shaped piece of metal. Whilst I was dealing with the ball, I think, my leadcore line with a hoochie on it apparently hit the same plume and broke my whole leader off. I'm not wild about using the ball in Chilhowee. I'm thinking about experimenting with those clip-on weights that I've seen used for trolling for Kokanee and Rainbows on videos. You put out your line then clip on the weight and feed out more line. I'd like to find a way to fish spoons without using the downrigger or leadcore. When I came back downstream, I did one more loop downstream of the ramp and caught a Rainbow on a hoochie and one last Perch on a plug. It was getting hot and it was time to go. Whilst I was pulling in my four lines, the wind field from the tropical storm hit and there were little whitecaps galore. It was nice and calm all morning and then the wind went to 15 MPH, or more. When I started out the surface water was 74 at the ramp, 77 when I quit. When I was up at Tabcat Creek the surface water was 64. The lake will likely cool even more in the coming weeks since Fontana is gonna be generating hard to get back on track on the task of lowering Fontana to winter level.
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    Big, You really know how to hurt a guy with all those beautiful crappie pictures ! With all the dams open, hurricane coming thru & 200 bass boats doing a tx on Douglas, & having to take my wife to a minor surgery, I haven't been fishing in 3 weeks. Let us know how Tellico works out for you. dada 9-14-18 4:44 PM
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