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    Started @ high noon. Done @ 3p Thought I'd wait the rain out. I did. But the wind was fierce today. Stopped and put rocks in my pockets to stay in boat. Fished 3 hrs--had 4 bites caught 3 14-15 in LM on the old creature baits, 2 t-rig 1 c-rig. Had to use heavy bullet sinkers. Didn't see much shad activity but with the white caps twas tough just to reach bottom. Probably could have caught a few more but the wind was more than I wanted to contend with. Might sneak off again tomorrow
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    I have caught some keeper reds from a kayak in FLA, they have the same slot. Very tasty grilled, fried, and my brother even made fish head soup out of one
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    At least I have acquired some shad for frozen bait. Maybe the fish are too stuffed to bite. When they aren’t biting live bait, well...... that’s why they brew beer
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    Gary & I tried Douglas this AM with fly/minnow. Caught 4 small crappie & 1 LM. Also pulled plugs with no hits. Water temp was 72.1 with heavy fog to start & bluebird skys following. Better than sitting at home I guess! dada 10-18-19 9:15 PM
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    Personally I think water temps are the key. Along with light winds and skies that are not high pressure bluebird. I'm going to go fishing when I can regardless of moon phase, cows eating, cows in a huddle, dogwoods blooming or anything except lightning. I make to big of a target to fish in lightning! I do think a new moon is best but i'm going to go if the Lord's willing and the ramp ain't flooded LOL
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    I think I know where to find a morning bite, afternoon trips have been useless on the river. Fish better watch out Saturday morning
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    Rusty, Looks like you will have to follow me to Douglas. I caught 1 the last time out. LOL dada 10-17-19 7:19 AM
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    I think the moon phase is most important during spawn but it definitely affects bait,especially on cloudless nites.plankton/ zoo plankton.saltwater the effect of the moon is blatant,...freshwater ,more subtle,weather and water temps are probably more of a factor...my 2 cents.
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    @ high noon 10-16 it was 73 degrees @ Dandridge boat ramp.
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    I believe it, I just never catch crap anywhere near one. Methinks it is operator error
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    Great news...know the feeling my BP was 130/80 at the doc today...and i lost 5 lbs. down to 225.
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    Fishing has been very bad for me the last 3 days, i blame the full moon. 71 degrees in knoxville, still 77 on norris
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    Have to dress in layers as it easier to take clothes off than freeze in the morning. Lots of fog in the fall and with typical blue bird skies the bite is pretty good until the sun gets bright. Couple pals caught 30 crappie, only a few kept but it seems everything is ready for a good fall bite.
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    Rex finally hot out of the hospital yesterday. He lost some weight and looks a bit run-down. His legs are starting to come back but he's still weak. I don't know if he'll get to fish any time soon but maybe when he rocks steady....in a week or two.... I was worried about him! His recovery is doing very well, giver his deep point!
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