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    I would rather a bass boat be on plane and pass than have someone slow down and push a 3 ft. Wake under my rigs. It’s like trying to catch grouper off the bottom in 8ft. High waves. If I pass on plane with a little speed through some trollers, I’m just trying to keep ya in the strike zone.
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    55 is a start--- Crappie also like clearer water that is a consistant level with some discharge at the dam. Saturday seems to be the day to fill up the livewell with Douglas crappie. Let's go fishin". dada 3-21-19 10:30 PM
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    Water temp on Douglas is 55 degrees or better right now. Fish haven't moved in yet with the lake continuing to drop about a foot a day. That said, dada gave me a couple of crappie yesterday, one was a black crappie female that was bulging with blood shot eggs sacs.
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    Finally made it out for a day on the lake. But before I was able to get the boat wet I had to deal with what seemed like every boat owner in Tennessee on the highway and then once I got out of that nightmare I got to set in line, at daybreak, to get my turn to put in. I know the lake is for everyone but I'd swear if 90 percent of the bass fisherman you deal with just seem like such arrogant jerks. 250 hp motor, 70 mph hole to hole fish 5 minutes and off again. The water was relatively smooth other than the wave pool caused by the bass punks. Anyways off my soapbox. So the crappie are very confused right now. They are there stacked up but not in much of a mood to cooperate. Seemed to be in the top 15 ft of water. I only caught one and missed a bigger fish, drum or white bass I figure. Fished lower end of lake. Planer boards, jigs and plastic. 53.5 water temp with dingy water. Maybe when the water stabilizes they will do better. Oh and for the funny of the day..... so I'm setting there around 930 just watching the poles. Got my German shepherd with me who is only 9 months old and this is his 2nd time on boat. As I pay attention to poles I hear a loud curplump... lol.... like a big rock being dropped from a bridge. Yep it was the dog. He thought there would be a bottom under there. Down he goes for what seemed like 5 minutes and when he came up u could tell he regretted it lol. Luckily he had his collar on and I was able to get him back in. Once back in the boat he had the funniest look like, oh boy did I make a stupid decision lol.
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    I agree. I was out in the canoe and a bass boat slowed to an idle to pass. I waved nicely to him. Then a small runabout came around and slowed also, very polite of him, and I smiled and waved, but crap! the wake from that thing about washed me out. Fun and exciting rollers tho. Fishing sucked anyhow. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Was thinking about going to Douglas for crappie but reconsidered, so went to watagua. It was cold and windy and wore more clothes than I thought I would need. Not many bites, and actually kinda spotty but landed 2 dandies! Released 3.
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    Charger 1 & I tried 4 different places on he 20th before catching BOTH crappie! The first 3 places were waters on Douglas that we caught reasonable fish previously, but we got nary a bite. Finally, with the crappie quit biting at all, we caught the TWO. Due to the waters changing- lower, some cleaner, 54 degrees, etc, you have to use the fishfinders & search new areas . The fish were still showing on the graff suspended in all the places we fished, but they always start & quit feeding during the day. dada 3-21-19 7:10 AM
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    I found a thread on this site for a trout trolling tournament, and am interested to participate. I live in SC, and opportunities to catch good fish, and learn new tricks are limited. Looking forward to seeing how others do it.
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    Ott Devoe, local guy, won the Bassmaster Classic this weekend. Quite an accomplishment as it's said to worth well over a million dollars over his career. A lot of folks will be vacationing over on Loudon now!
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    Used to be that if someone saw a boat fishing (anchored) you would slow down to minimal wake, pass them and continue on. Is that not the case anymore? As far as "ramp" time I usually launch by myself and it takes a few more minuets longer. But i stage everything before I launch and move the boat to the other side of the dock if possible. Yeah being 62 I take a little longer but i am still polite about it. Jusfishn is right, life is short so be respectful and enjoy the time on the water.
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    Now that I can get my boat out, I've run into a new problem. I got bronchitis over the weekend. I'm going to the doctor in a short while. I hope that some antibiotics might get me well enough to fish by the weekend. My brother is really psyched to come. He's a former athlete and just craves competition. I'd like to meet the folks I talk to on the fishing forums as much as doing the actual fishing. I hope to make a quick recovery. I've spent the past week polishing and tweaking my equipment. I really wanna attend!
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    Any ideas on when crappie will be shallow to make babies? I think I'll get a day or 2 next week. Tuesday maybe. I like to fish a bobber so the skinny water works best for me. Just going to try to have few for the table. Dada ought to have fish fry! I'll bring the cole slaw. LOL
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    Going to bass fish Sunday. Trout in Little River Saturday. Will look for the bass shallow first, thanks for the tip. One more week and off to the White River to fish the Shad hatch. Should have the boat back by the time we come home.
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    Thanks fisher. I have never fished the joc tounament, but have followed the blog off and on. SCDNR has all but ruined fishing on Jocassee imo. I fish Fontana mostly now, and discovered Watauga recently, and love it. I fear Fontana will be diminished now that blue backs are there too (at least for walleye) i think you and i will have a few mutual acquaintances from Jocassee. Look forward to meeting you this weekend. Look for blue "homemade" tri toon with upper deck. I tried to post pic, but no joy.
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    Watauga will be about 4-5 feet below it's summer elevation of 1959 feet, above sea level by the time you get there. They've been generating hard and sluicing for weeks. I think TVA will soon slow down the water to help with the Mississippi River flooding that's building up.....??? You must have been there when the lake's elevation was 1962-3. It's getting back to normal, it seems. What does a monkey do with a football.....? Rip it in half to see what toy surprise is inside....?
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    I plan to be at the tournament this weekend. I met TrophyLakerTaker at the Rat Branch Ramp a few weeks back. I am from SC, and tired of chasing limited opportunities in Jocassee. I hope to learn a few tips and tricks from you all, as I love trolling for trout and walleye. I have a pontoon set up that has been rebuilt, and has a diving platform on top, that I use to hold flat lines. I am looking forward to meeting some folks with like minded passion. I wont be able to fish many of the scheduled tournaments, as May is planned out for me already. I look forward to seeing y'all there.
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    Perfect size for cubing and deep frying - smaller the better if you are going to keep a few. Nice job!
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    I'd rather be passed the same way, just not real close. Less commotion. A group of kayakers, spelling??, told me the same thing.
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    I'm finally on this site now. Somehow I was on before, but disappeared. Didn't go last week, but I did the weeks prior. I'm hoping Rat Branch is looking better. I've put in at Fish Springs because it was still high at the ramp.....the fishing pier was barely out of water. Not sure when I'll get there in the morning, but the drive isn't the hard part, it's the getting started with a 13yr old that can take a bit. He has his moments, but can do everything on the boat if need be. Weather forecast for now looks good, almost too good. Hope to see everyone there. Shea PS-We just completely re-did our riggers and rod holder set up, we'll be the proverbial monkey and a football.
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    Actually I found a food truck with bacon wrapped hot dogs! Yummy. Hawg Dogs might clog a few arteries but man that stuff is good! Eat most anything deep fried LOL
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    I agree Ott's a good fellow from my experience. Wheeler also broke a Duckett Rod. They were buy one get 2 free at Expo. $33 each. But they have a production issue, I think, as they break often. Rusty, expected you to come by Fitzgerald and buy my lunch LOL. Estimated to be over 150,000 attending this Classic. That translates to roughly a gazillion dollars for local economy. LOL
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    It was a nice day, Saturday, and you think a crowded boat ramp on Saturday is unusual. it's a public ramp, it's gonna be that way every Saturday until at least Thanksgiving. Perhaps you should get used to it or pick another day. I'd rather fish mid-week if possible. I bass fish primarily although I fish for crappie too. I see and deal with crappy crappie fishing people all the time. Mostly older folks who take an inordinate time on the ramp. Some of them unload their coolers and such while parked on the ramp. some of them are just older folks out to enjoy the day. No need to get your panties in a wad, I think how I hope when the years catch up to me that I can still go, even if someone thinks it's there own private lake. Life's short, enjoy it.
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    Get that pup a life jacket LOL! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We got 4 striper from 12-16 lbs in my boat today........
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    I'm envious of ya'all !!! A nasty cold has struck me over the weekend. I'm gonna see the doctor tomorrow. I hope some antibiotics will patch me up enough to fish this coming Saturday.
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