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    So I got this used (new to me) 2002 Triton TR-185 on a deal I couldn't pass up. I added a couple 9" Garmins since this pic. I have to fix a few things a couple things though. Every time I go out, my livewells fill up. I heard some older Tritons use the Flow-Rite System for their livewells and that it was problematic, but I don't think I have that system becuse there are no valves by the shifter. I quickly looked in the livewell and saw the screen there in the center rear, but no other hole to plug. I guess I'll just have to look closer at that setup and/or just put a ball valve in the line by the battery compartment or something. Anybody else have experience with this on a Triton? I also need to put a skeg protector on it. The other thing is minor...just need a couple fat Ram mounts. The 1.5" ones are too small.
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    They do sort of represent river channel miles upstream from the dam. Probably more middle of the lake miles, or point to point miles upstream from the dam. Takes out the twists and bends of the old river channel as it goes up. If you followed the actual old river channel upstream from the dam to Leadville Access Access Area it is just less than 36 miles, but the Point Number just below Leadville is Pt 21. Odd numbers on the left, even numbers on the right. Actual river miles you see on navigation maps are for the French Broad River beginning at 0.0 in Knoxville where French Broad and Holston become the Tennessee River. The dam is at French Broad River mile 32.4. Also on TVA lakes, once they go into a large creek such as Muddy Creek, they sometimes use Alphabetic numbers for creek channel miles, i.e. Pt A, B, C, D, etc.
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    Sat May 11 Rained most all day and luckily there was lightning or high winds. Fished Melinda Ferry area from 7 til 2. Had 20 with couple nice brown bass mixed in with largemouth we typically catch up here. 8 keepers but stuck 0n 2 1/2lbers for big fish. Beats 1 1/2 lbers so not complaining. Old ball and chain once again. Love that thing. Lizards and craws with couple on brush hog.
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    Good deal. You could catch a drum everyday until you die on that stretch
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    I am a little late in posting pics on this, but ya, trust me, it took more than a few weekends !
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    Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I really want some HDS's.
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    I like my Helix 9's with mega imaging [emoji41] just saying [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Thats awful.seeing how its warm finally.i had diverticulitis last year.they put me on the antibiotics .one was no sunlite the other was no beer,the reaction between alcohol and the medication extreme cramps vomiting headaches etc.not one beer in three weeks.worse than the diverticulitis.Ernel,that must be a premethirin base repellent.shorts season now.i was told you can spray that on hunting camo days prior to the season,stays good for weeks and scent eventually goes away.true?
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    Check Garmin's website. I think if you bought them within a year that yes there is an update available. I use the same units and I've owned several birds and Lawrence units over the years. Garmin when comparing apples to apples is the bomb! You will need a card for the update. Depth shading makes running unfamiliar water a breeze. I know for me, the mapping is the best feature. All the sonar stuff is good and I use it but the mapping is my most used feature.
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    Nice rig! Try unscrewing the screens in your live well and you should see a hole. Plugs to fit this are cheap at Home Depot. It worked for me on my Skeeter. Garmins, I love mine. You might be eligible for the new upgrade for mapping. Garmin owns Navionics and the new upgrade is great. Free too. Congrats on your rig
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    Welcome Aboard Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    The c-rig can be a PIA but it does catch fish. Sometimes , me this year, you don't catch the bigger fish that maybe a jig would catch but it does work well. I tend to bring 2 rigged rods. Because you're right it takes a minute to tie 3 knots and cut the leader line to length you prefer. so at 2 rods and maybe a couple leaders already tied. It's worth the effort to me but it getting time to diversify. Top water and bigger cranks maybe.
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