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    Instead of eliminating the bullseye painted on gun free zones,they are coming after you and me.God forbid they should allow teachers to be armed.the liberal gun haters bring this on themselves and will go to their graves blaming the NRA and all the rest of us who actually understand what the 2nd amendment is really about. But of course we are all in a" bucket of deplorables...what do we know"?.May God.help us.
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    ...of course we pray for the families ,they just salivate and drool over the potential to chip away at our freedoms.
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    Got to migrate to a walking cane this week. Getting there, but still slow. And, being that my immune system is shot, managed to get shingles. BUT, I'm on the green side of the grass, new Minn Kota 112 Riptide Ulterra for the boat, few new parts and pieces, and I should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.
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    I use the Copic Airbrush System for painting lures. It isn't the cheapest method, but it is effective, fast, and requires no cleaning. I just use the cheapest airbrush compressor from Harbor Freight to run the system. Btw, I know this was an old thread, but I noticed you didn't have an answer here, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents
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    I've made my own for quite some time, both three arm and five arm. I use the heaviest stainless solid leader I could get, stainless or brass swivels in I believe size 5, and cross-lok snaps. Use an old 1/2 oz egg sinker mold to form a lead head around the junction of all the arms. Put a split ring on the arms before I attach the swivels so that I can pull it pack down for storage purposes.
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    Not at all.just checking,we love fresh fish.up here we do not eat the older fish,the top of the foodchain predators.issue up here is slower growth rates.a 15 " perch could be 5 yrd old.a 12" crappie ,the same.obviously not eating a 10 lb. Pike or a 16" plus smallmouth, slow growth,extended exposure to toxin build up.but we have no issues with carcinogenic plutonium,cadmium etc.biggest issue here is pcbs from GE mnfctng transformers back in the 40,s / 50,s.the entire Housatonic river system is "DO NOT EAT"...shame,the bronze backs need some thinning out 10" average,could be much bigger.
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    Unionjack1, The island in front of point 19, was my walleye spots YEARS AGO with redfins in the late spring at night. Most were caught after midnight over deeper waters. In the daytime, the nightcrawler harness& gold flicker spinner worked best. dada 2-9-18 9P
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    Clinch & Powell River in feed to Norris. The Holston in feed to Cherokee. These are natural rivers with no upstream dams so quickly change with the rain to muddy. Last year the Clinch & Powell had one of the best walleye runs for 20 + years but heard few talking about it..
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    I was having a terrible time with ice. I re-spooled with copolymer lines (was using braid) and applied KVD Line & Lure Conditioner. These were suggestions made in a previous thread. It has worked well.
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    Anything that pulls, but in this order, Stripers/hybrids, trout, smallmouth bass on live bait, trout in the river, largemouth/smallmouth on artificial aka bassmaster style.
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