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    Went Dam fishing by myself today, no good pic's when your by yourself. I did catch a few , live bait as usual. Also notice the bird standing on the Dam rocks , there is at least 3 or 4 places you can hit them Dam rocks, be aware. And if anyone's looking the white bass are getting thick down there ,17 boats thick there this morning.
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    James and I went fishing again today. We boated many (20) of these today, not what we were looking for. It was however a great day out with a friend fishing, thanks James for the ride. It makes me want to sing so here goes. I don't want to work I want to bang on the drum all day I don't want to play I just want to bang on the drum all day.
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    Harrison Branch is a good ramp. Water is plenty deep along that side and all the way across to the stumpy old tree line. The river channel runs along the edge of the timber. Plenty of depth upstream to the railroad. And then another several hundred yards is okay, but after you pass the island (on your right going upstream it starts to shallow up. When you start seeing Chilhowee dam, you’re over rocks. And there are lots of rocks on the left two thirds all the way to the dam. If you want to motor to near the dam, stay near the right side - the channel runs right along the bank for a ways there. From Harrison Branch ramp there’s good walleye water for a mile or so; down to about the mouth of Four Mile creek. Still quite a few trees even out from the visible timber but it’s fishable. Just below that timber is a sandy shoal that’s pretty shallow. Good luck.
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    Who is this James? I'm figuring James is the code name for Todd Rundgren.
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    I have a nice 12 volt circulator/ aerator you are welcome to it.i will not be down till august but i would ship it,free,just hook me up later this year...fillets or just a tip on a spot.it is a bilge,factory retrofitted as a aerator.probably 40.00 or so $ new...dont use it....now you need a tank...horse before the cart.
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    I am retired, move a little slow, looking to fish more often. Retired so I can fish any day of the week. Rigged for stripers on Cherokee, wanting to learn more about Douglas crappies. Every now and then might drive a little further. Can take of leave bass fishing, but would like to target all the big stuff at one time or another, making check offs on the bucket list. Musky one day. Looking to have fun on the water, easy going floating, catch some or not, throw some back some time and then sometimes put my Cajun background in cooking to the test. All the time being respectful of this areas great and bountiful resources. Message me on this site, we can meet up for coffee and talk fish and set up a trip.
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    somebody's still kicking...don't know quite how....boat has been out of the water for over a year....batteries are all charged up....all except mine. Thinking real hard about fishing. Last week got a new sticker for the boat....maybe next week a fishing license. I have been doing good it has been quite a while since I have visited the fishing website. I don't have dada's years, but he sure can run circles around me....he could a few years ago, and I know those circles would be bigger and more of them by now. I am slowing down quite a bit. Spent 9 days in the hospital back in Dec, more heart stuff....this time it has...slowed me down a few notches, not like the last time where I actually felt better after a few months. And I can't seem to decide which toothache is actually worse. Might be looking to fill a empty seat every now and then....and someone to make that walk up and down the ramps. I will never forget and always feel gratitude for the help you guys gave me when I needed the most.
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    Charger 1 & I fished for crappie today with only 4 put in livewell. Water temp was 60 & somewhat murky. Nitro was fishing lower waters also, but last report from him said about the same- crappie bites were slow. Good thing that I filled my freezer last month! LOL dada 4-21-18 7:02 PM
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    At least you and Charger got to spend a nice day on the lake. My records show it really slows down in 2nd half of April. Most have spawned and can't figure out where they go after the spawn. 2013,2015, 2016,2017 shows they drop to nothing around the 20th of April. It stayed good in 2014 until first week of May, but that year the water temp didn't reach 59 degrees and crappie spawn didn't start until late April. The mystery continues. I got 15 on Friday trolling, but only 1 was a keeper, and its still in the lake.
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    I just finished putting 14 pound test leaders on two of my lead-core outfits. I hope to not get broken off as easily as my last trip to Watauga. I've never before seen the largest size Church Planar go backwards so very quickly. It was straight back by the time I had the rod in hand. As soon as I picked up the rod, I felt two big head shakes and the line was broken. I'll not go lighter unless I can't get strikes with the heavier line.
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    Got some advice to use an outer sleeve instead of an insert if you are repairing a portion of the rod that flexes. Also the outer sleeve should be fiberglass
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    Hi BossMan, doing great. Chronic pain and increasing arthritis and stiffness in joints, especially the three broken and several crushed vertabrae. But so lucky, and thankful, to be alive. Neurosurgeon said it was a miracle to live through it, and to still have use of hands, arms, legs, eyes, etc. I now now get to do more fun things in the workshop. Time that I previously spent fishing, hunting, hiking, archery, horseback riding, golfing, camping. Can't do those hard things anymore but there are so many interesting things to do! Never was enough time to do all those hobbies but got good doses of all, and now time for other things. Still have the farm. Cattle and horses don't seem to mind that I move so much slower. But I can get on and off the tractor. Sold the log splitter. Still strong enough to lift but can't take the repetitious bending, lifting, stacking. We have four fireplaces and two woodburning stoves, so now buy firewood from a logger friend. I'm now on several woodworking, furniture making forums. First ever forum was Tennessee Anglers - it is still my favorite and the best. So well managed and maintained, clean of junk and porn, and the participants are solid, helpful good folks sharing many things, but linked first by our love of fishing. Jamie, great job with the TA forum. And thanks for checking on me. It made my day. Frank
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    Big Fish Outfitters in Lenoir City can have them fixed. Usually get them back to customer in 2-3 days in less something has to be ordered. We have do it your self kits to if you want to fix it yourself. 12329 Hwy 321 N. Lenoir City Right before Melton Hill Dam 865-224-2225
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    Fland49, Wrong side of the state, made a lot of tracks out that way chasing oilfield pipe in late 70'and early 80's, but never dropped a line on that side of the state. My tracks on hard ground, soft ground and water...are on a 100 mile…a little larger than 180 degree arc… going east of Barataria…Lafitte…20 miles south of New Orleans Upland, Bayou, Marsh southeast La…and a little ways out in the open water…I brought fear into anything that was edible
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