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    I live in Maryville. Father of three boys 18, 17, & 14. Retired from the Air Force. Fish at Ft. Loudon, Watts Bar, Tellico, Douglas, Cherokee and Chickamauga. Love to Bass fish, but sometimes change it up for the youngest and go bluegill and catfish. 17yr old loves to trout fish and the oldest does it all no matter what we are fishing for. I spend most of my time in the Wispering Cove, Singleton Station and Ish creek area. Did real well this year logging in a 10lb, multiple 7 & 8 lb, and few 5 & 6 lb. Mostly fish with soft plastics and crank baits. At this time I am remodling my boat with new lights, electronics, and rebuilding my carbs. have a 19'1" stratos 189V with 150 Gt. I fish all year around, rain, snow, & shine. Have been know to go to Dale hollow this time of year if I can find the time between kid sports and hunting. Thanks David
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    Just confirmed, they’re under events or timeline. Found the first tournament Me and the grandson fished, we’re in the middle of the pack,Kirkland/Heaton. That was one miserable weather day. Me and the boy had a blast and learned a few things in the process. He can fillet pretty decent now(that was a year and a half ago) Tight lines and remember, ......Life’s too short to fish with dead Minners!
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    James and I went fishing again today. We boated many (20) of these today, not what we were looking for. It was however a great day out with a friend fishing, thanks James for the ride. It makes me want to sing so here goes. I don't want to work I want to bang on the drum all day I don't want to play I just want to bang on the drum all day.
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    Could anyone offer their input on what areas are good to search for stripers on Cherokee. Do they use the river and creek channels as travel routes? Shallow water areas near deep water bends? Or would it be just to do a lot of graphing and hope to run into a big school? I realize to look for gull activity in the winter to find them. Do they typically travel the same routes when they migrate up and down the lake?
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    There is fish upstream of the 25E bridge in the main channel with gulls showing where.
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