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    Today, Lenoir Museum between Norris dam & weir dam-2-4:30-- free music. dada 1-6-19 12:30 PM
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    Mon-6-8 PM-Rickard's Barbq-Cove lake. Thurs-9-12 AM-So Knox sr ctr (off John Sevier Hwy). Thurs-7-9 PM-Escapee's Racoon Valley RV (1/4 mile west of I-75). AND OTHER PLACES. ALL FREE> But gotta fish sometimes! Protek, I made a VCR tape, but my grand daughter took back her little pink recorder & erased it---LOL dada 1-6-19 9AM
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    You should go to the twra site and check the winter trout stocking schedule,barring bad weather they stick to the schedule perfect.they stock shelby bottoms in nashville.also try the obey below dale hollow,perfect for a kayak now,zero paddlers or tubers.
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    Can't pick nothing, well maybe my nose! But I would like to hear the music. Swimming with bow legged women, fishing , big bottom women, fishing and bluegrass! Life is good LOL
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    Shucks! The ONLY fan I've got, took a picture of me when I wasn't looking---- dada 1-5-19 1:22 PM
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