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    This explains all the squirrels I see hitchhiking on Norris Freeway. I have stopped several times and picked them up. I ask where they are heading and they always tell me back to Dave’s place. I guess you don’t want me dropping them off anymore?
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    Nice day! Fished there yesterday for an hour and half and caught a little pig. 22" 6.3 lbs. The river is full of brook trout right now. Lots of fish, brown and rainbow, in that slot range. Slots have been really helpful for bigger and healthy fish.
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    I came by with an 18 month old grandson in tow. Not really a good idea for me but he enjoyed all the attention. Seemed like a good show. May try to visit again!
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    Unionjack1, The island in front of point 19, was my walleye spots YEARS AGO with redfins in the late spring at night. Most were caught after midnight over deeper waters. In the daytime, the nightcrawler harness& gold flicker spinner worked best. dada 2-9-18 9P
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    Im guessin those squirrels need a job. They steal food and aparently cant afford a car.
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    They are in my opinion the best knives u can buy. We probably have 12 or 15 different from big to small. Some ive had for nearly 20 years. On a side note im glad to see you back cannonball. Youve been MIA for a while. That tells me you are getting ready to start slaying the crappie again. Hope your doing good pal. Last id heard u was having back problems.
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    Caught some trout today, mostly on flies. I caught mine with grubs and small flukes. Water temp 46.7
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    Just bought this---Best price I have seen. $299 Planning on making it my office piece. http://palmettostatearmory.com/remington-870-tac-14-20ga-shotgun-with-raptor-pistol-grip-81145.html
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    THANKS. I will try to stop by and see you alias --Rick after my seminar @ 4:00p.m. today. It is a really great show so come by and say hello.
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    talked to a buddy today who said still quite a bit of ice on Douglas. Looks like Wednesday may be first day with weather. Bunch of boats in at Dandridge. maybe someone will give a water temp.
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    Weather is too cold, at least water is too cold to fish on Douglas right now, so I've been reading about crappie a lot last two weeks. Came upon an article about fillet weight vs crappie length size. done by Wisconsin DNR. Everyone wonders why certain size limits are put on crappie. Why 10" not 9" or 8". For Douglas I know 10" was selected to protect enough crappie to reproduce each year. Crappie less than 10" spawn on Douglas. But what about "meat per fish" by size. Wisconsin determined how many crappie of a particular size it took to get a pound of fillets. So by size it took 8"-12, 9"-8, 10"-6, 11"-4, and 12"-3 crappie to get a pound of fillets. By the way for bluegill it was 8"-9, 9"-6, and 10"-4. For Dada, yellow perch were 8"-15, 9"-10, 10"-7. Interesting info. Another way to look at it is a 15 fish limit of 10" fish will get you 2.5 lbs. fillets, 11"-3.75 lbs., and 12"-5 lbs. For me, I'm ready to stop reading about crappie and start catching them.
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    I didn't catch any perch. There were crappie though. Fairly shallow and close to the bottom, less than 6 feet deep, around the Solway Park area. Long casts slowly dragging a black jig head with a nose hooked 1" plastic minnow on about a 1 foot drop shot. There are some Christmas trees around that spot and with the milfoil gone it is actually possible to fish there.
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    Instead of eliminating the bullseye painted on gun free zones,they are coming after you and me.God forbid they should allow teachers to be armed.the liberal gun haters bring this on themselves and will go to their graves blaming the NRA and all the rest of us who actually understand what the 2nd amendment is really about. But of course we are all in a" bucket of deplorables...what do we know"?.May God.help us.
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    ...of course we pray for the families ,they just salivate and drool over the potential to chip away at our freedoms.
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    Got to migrate to a walking cane this week. Getting there, but still slow. And, being that my immune system is shot, managed to get shingles. BUT, I'm on the green side of the grass, new Minn Kota 112 Riptide Ulterra for the boat, few new parts and pieces, and I should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.
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    I've made my own for quite some time, both three arm and five arm. I use the heaviest stainless solid leader I could get, stainless or brass swivels in I believe size 5, and cross-lok snaps. Use an old 1/2 oz egg sinker mold to form a lead head around the junction of all the arms. Put a split ring on the arms before I attach the swivels so that I can pull it pack down for storage purposes.
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    Not at all.just checking,we love fresh fish.up here we do not eat the older fish,the top of the foodchain predators.issue up here is slower growth rates.a 15 " perch could be 5 yrd old.a 12" crappie ,the same.obviously not eating a 10 lb. Pike or a 16" plus smallmouth, slow growth,extended exposure to toxin build up.but we have no issues with carcinogenic plutonium,cadmium etc.biggest issue here is pcbs from GE mnfctng transformers back in the 40,s / 50,s.the entire Housatonic river system is "DO NOT EAT"...shame,the bronze backs need some thinning out 10" average,could be much bigger.
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    Just thought id share my experience with ny new filet knife with everyone. There are lots of knives out there and without buying them or having someone tell u how good or bad it is u either waste money or get what u set out to get. I recieved a RADA brand filet knife for christmas and so far it out performs anything ive ever used. I havent fileted but 10 or 12 fish but if u will remember when i had all that hog meat to process this is the knife i used. Im yet to sharpen it and its like a razor. Ultra flexible and the handle is rubber coated and very secure and comfortable. It bends very well when cutting down the spine to make beautiful filets. Hope this helps someone decide what they want cause i know ive been thru a lot of filet knives in search of a good one and i think i found one thats gonna last me a lifetime. Which by the way it has a lifetime guarantee. Just ship back and they send u a New one. Now if the crappie will just get fired up so i can put it to work lol.....
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    Clinch & Powell River in feed to Norris. The Holston in feed to Cherokee. These are natural rivers with no upstream dams so quickly change with the rain to muddy. Last year the Clinch & Powell had one of the best walleye runs for 20 + years but heard few talking about it..
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    I would think it’s chocolate milk up there right now
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    Hello I am an employee of the parks service. I fish for just about anything but I love fly fishing on the hiwassee river I am a local around the hiwassee. I have fished this river for 40 years. And that tells you I am an older fellow. I was searching for a forum where I can learn and hopefully help with a few things and I saw this forum and was hopeful to learn about the different fisheries.
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    I hate squirrels, my bags of seed Do NOT Say squirrel food....fixed that issue today Umarex Steel Force ...single shot and 6 shot full auto bursts it is a bbgun...way more fun than human beings should be allowed to have...."Death Dealer".
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    if you plan to attend the East TN Fishing Show at the Expo Center on Clinton Hwy, stop by the ALX Rods booth and say hello. Remember ask for Rick---they don't know my real name, Tubejig. So I have to use alias---Rick. The best looking guy in the show, I'd say LOL Seriously-- stop by, I'd be proud to get to meet any or all of you rascals. These are nice bass fishing rods and I know most of you are crappy crappie fishing folks, except Troutgirl and Ecox and the other striper dudes. But, stop by and visit. This is not an attempt to sell you a rod. Just say howdy. I will be there late this afternoon and all day Sat and Sun.
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    Hey y'all! I'm 62 years old and finally getting pretty good at fishin'. Been at it since i was 5 and cannot thank my Mom and Dad enough for taking and showing me how. I did the same with my kids,and their kids too. I'm partial to them Ol' Smallmouth in moving water. A fish with a BIG heart and a BAD attitude.
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    Here's what they look like in the box & out. I remember at 14 how I got sprayed by one. Had to burn my Levis! dada 2-4-18 8;19 am
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    Another pig from last year. Best I can remember this one was 24" 6lbs 5 oz.
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    For comparison, my 26" Rainbow from Watauga last summer was 6.38, my 21" Brown from Calderwood weighed 4.98 last February, and a 22" Rainbow from Chilhowee a few years back went 5.3 pounds. That's an obese Brownie! I bet it eats a Brookie a day to keep the blues away.... As thick built as that girl was, she likely has the potential to hit 20+ pounds if she evades capture for a few years. If she gets near 30 inches, she gonna be H-E-A-V-Y.
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    Here's some Walleyes and a big Perch I caught in Chilhowee back in 2014.
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    Tried below Douglas Dam this AM. Fishing for walleye, Only fish seen caught was carp & 'cats. SO, went to above Dandridge and caught 3 good crappie. Another boat was reported to have kept 24, but I decided to beat the rain & left early. WAIT 'TILL IT GETS WARM!!!!!!! dada 1-27-18 5:36 PM
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    Yea,youre not the first to basically say"really,a gun,what were you thinking?".....she kills it,she guts and preps it.cant complain to much.
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    @kwk You better zig zag if you ever have to run away from her!!!!
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    Ok, I'll try to help you. contact me 606 434 9146. VM if I don't answer with your info and good time to reach you.
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    Mushed my senteces,we hiked in to the spot where i got the giant landlock.
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    Maybe this will inspire you..having issues uploading more.ill try later...
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    Very Good when it's warm outside. Fish are almost all below 10" unless you go to a trophy stream
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    Maybe you could see if there's any interest from the vendors at the show Ezell? Also...please give Curtis Bunch from Bunch Marine and Shelia Bunch from the show my best.
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    Now that we r on hybrids, i have caught splake in few lakes in the Adirondacks,laker / brookie frankenfish.
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    Will stop by there tommorrow Tubejig.
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    No offense, man, but if I am going to pay 10 bucks to stop and say hi to someone good looking at a show it's going to be at the Emerald.
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    I will try to stop by and see you also alias Rick, said alias Steve
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    sorry haven't been on in a bit. I am not sure but I am going home this coming week so I am thinking of grabbing the boat and going out to where it is and see if I can get some good images of it on sonar.... and then text them to him.
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    Put in at Brogan's Saturday 1/20/18 and went up river for a while... very short while as we ran into sheet ice that looked like the bubble trails of boats. Scared me half to death! No damage but quickly moved out of the area. We found 37 degree water above Brogan's and 42 around 33 bridge. I had one little largemouth on a jerkbait but no other bites. It took 12 lbs to win the local tourney and I heard most people went to the Lost creek area and found 45 degree water. Just did not go down far enough to find the warmer water. Just great to be out on the water!
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    I put in on icy ramps for decades and never had any problem after the tires went under water like Roybrew mentioned. A couple of winters ago I stopped putting in on icy ramps because I have serious balance issues now and would probably fall and break something .
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    Yes captain Ds has been my go to for a while now, sad ain't it. Crappie got to eat don't they? That's interesting information, thanks minnerman.
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    If you are coming from Bean Station on 11W, you will cross Poor Valley creek bridge and there is a public boat ramp about 2 miles or so past on the right side. Big parking lot, pretty nice place to launch. Most people drive past concrete ramp and put in on the gravel point. I use concrete ramp cause I don't have 4 wheel drive. When the water gets extremely low the ramp can be a challenge for me but I always manage to float the boat off. After you get boat in, head south, down stream, toward dam. Go maybe 1.5 miles and you will see poor valley creek, marked with mile marker and sign, on right side of lake. I might go Sunday morning. Good luck, and don't be telling any tall tales Ha.
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    I'm not too good to use a spoon
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    Glad you're here! Now tell us how to catch a bass or 2 , the bass that ain't froze that is LOL
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    Sure does! Not like up north but they are in there and some of them are quite big
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    Always check your drag before first cast, especially when camping on the river with friends, a few drinks and a big fish bet for the next morning. It's enough for someone to loosen everybody's drag to the point of free spooling during the night, especially if a dollar wager is on the line, not that I would do thatðŸºðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜‡ðŸ»
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