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    I think you can get what you need for around $100. Depending on how much of a drop you prefer the hitch to be, mine is 6 in drop to make it level and load easier. Different trucks sit higher or lower. Wiring accessories ,hitch and ball should run less than $150 at Bass Pro, Academy , tractor supply. Personally I would not use the bumper, even if it's a small light weight boat. Turning radius is reduced and repairing a dinged up bumper will cost more than a good towing set up. Most trucks have receiver on them. From reading Dada's post, I would not consider U-haul. Youtube is a good source for wiring tips. Hear good things about Kia Serento.
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    Ah , a fish tale but it's true! Fishing Cherokee last night and my pal hooked a good fish. So I put my rod down and got the net. But the fish got off. When I picked my rod up the line was moving off. We're in 25ft of water. I set the hook, the fight was on, and a nice smallmouth pulled and tugged then went airborne but I did get him in the net and in the boat. My buddy said the hook point didn't come through the beaver style bait and said " I see why mine didn't make it in". I was measuring my smallie, tad over 17, then I picked my rod up and checked my trick worm and the texposed hook was still in worm! I've caught small lm that had clamped down and didn't let go , spawning. But for a nice size smallie that put on show and made a gallant effort to get off and hook had not penetrated the fish----that's a first for me LOL Weather was cloudy and windy after 6p. Storms passed us by. Water 78.
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    Dale Hollow was epic today. Without doubt the best numbers day I have ever had in TN. We had over 30 hits, boated in the mid to upper 20’s of fish. Perfect early generation schedule set up the ideal morning and midday bite. Riggers parked 37 and 48 down with sliders and two wire #1 divers on setting 3 75 back and 90 backed sealed the deal. 2” NH2’s was all we ran a variety of colors worked. Honestly they hit everything.
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    Welcome to the site, Knox & Ridge. As said, walleyes are scarce in these parts UNLESS you know someone who fishes for them with the knowledge of where , when, & with what! I have seen TWRA net them above Dandridge years ago, so I tried to catch them there with no luck until I was crappie fishing above Indian Creek with plugs & caught a 7+ pound 'eye. Tho I have fished 16 states, Minn & Wis included, that is the biggest for me---- Right after "ice-out" is the best time & WAY ABOVE Walter's bridge is known to give up a few. dada 6-15-19 9:06 AM
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    Went out this morning with a friend who hasn't been in a while. 20 total fish a combination of 13 bass 6 white 1 crappie. Released all fish. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It was a nice day to fish Santeetlah. Only 4 boats showed up to fish on a day that was overall a tough bite. 0 generation didn’t help the cause. Everybody caught fish and three of the boats brought in 3 fish to weigh. One boat came in with 2 nice walleye’s to boot. 1st 3.58 2nd 3.30 3rd 2.58
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    I have a betts old salt deep hole 8ft 3/8 mesh that supposed to be delivered today.
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    Anyone have the fish springs results? I had alot of mowing to do sat with Bush hog and tractor in deer clover plots before we get to go to Lake Mich for pike, bass and salmon next week. We fished from 5:30 PM to 8 pm sat on watagua after some swimming and water skiing. First laker was 6.25 lbs on a gold spoon down 65 ft. 2nd was 3.5 lbs on down 80 ft, then got some bass and a brown and went home. I figure the 6 # would of placed, only 24 inches, but was a super chunk
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    Went Monday 6-930p and Launched at Dandridge. Rained a little as storms had passed through. Water was 78 and wind was a bit breezy .Caught one 1 1/2 lb LM. fished finesse and 10 in worms and topwater. In areas of m=Muddy Creek that have produced fish consistently over the years. It happens. Launched at Walters Bridge about 5p and off water by dark---mostly due to storms passing through. Don't like lightning but had planned to get blacklight out. Had 4 LM and distance betwixt tails and eyeballs wasn't much LOL Fished points from Nina to Walters Bridge. Going again tonight if the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise! Gotta get better as it can't get much worse. Usually I can throw a small worm up on bank and the bluegills and such go into attack mode. Not seeing much of that. The guys I talk to aren't catching many bream this year. Chew on that awhile LOL But for you that like to fish for the white bass------loads of them being caught.
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    Personally, I haven't seen them jumping but do see some activity near the silos just down lake from Walters Bridge. There are two silos that are kinda close to each other. In between them seems to be a good place. I might investigate this next week. Fishing for the bigger bass this Saturday. But if my drought continues----I'll get a small spinning outfit and some rooster tails soon.
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    I think he said they just tied to boat to a tree back in a Creek and the fish was where the creek went into the lake
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    That picture suggests that the Brookie was caught in one of the tributary streams and not out in the lake.
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    My buddy caught a big brook trout out of santeelah this weekend
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    Thanks.Nice Smallie in pic.!
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    It is kind of like fishing. It is catching sometimes. Full moon makes it difficult. The alewife does look like a small skipjack. Both are herring.
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    Walleyes are caught BELOW the dams, Ft. Loudon. Douglas, etc. usually in the faster waters below the discharges, with jigs. Also, if you can stay up until 2 AM on Norris, there are a few lake walleyes left . The Clinch river that flows into Norris used to be great for 'eyes, but TWRA says there are no more river strain left there. However, some fishermen says that they catch some on the Clinch, still. ??? dada 6-16-19 7:15 AM
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    There’s a few guys that troll for them effectively with stuff like dipsy divers, lead core line, and maybe even downriggers. Some absolute monsters come out of dale hollow
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    An alewife looks like a baby skipjack to me (somewhat)
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    My buddy got a 21" sauger amongst all the white bass one spring not long ago. The ones I catch are usually an inch or two over keeper size
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    Sorry,pic of a pic...old,like me....and yes i quit cigarettes long ago.yes that is a landlock atlantic salmon.
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    Troll streamers in the prop wash for land locks in fall,champlain janes etc.i may have a few floating around still from the move,i could mail them to you,i,ll look around..no need for them here,no smelt.ya know.?back in the day prior to the lamprey program i caught a laker,10 lbs no scars had it mounted.i,m told now 20lbs is common.same with the landlocks.although the lampreys had a tougher time getting a hold on the salmon.the stocking numbers were through the roof just to make up for lamprey caused mortality.hope for your sake that incredibly expensive program has been scaled back.
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    The ice out laker bite,bank fishing guys,local rules,like at Willsboro point,private land with public acess,no soaking dead smelt on the bottom, same with some launch areas south.no soaking( like catfishing only its for lakers)..is this still in place.? some spawn sites there are ancient,lakers are native.i had a friend Brad ,he was a state trooper.he would gain acess to these ancient spawning grounds acessible by shore doing winter house checks for seasonal owners.blue and silver cleos the windier and snowier the better ....25/ 50 fish days.weird,flat water days...red/ white daredevil knock offs,thinner metal.crashed my old 16' starcraft late october,bad storm out of nowhere.had a client on the bow 350lb dude,pulled the bow down boat started to fill.beached it on a rock point walked 8 miles back to nearest marina on train tracks.told them where, they got it next day.left it half submerged at their dock to keep the engine block from freezing up.it was crushed on starboard side....excellent lake but requires great respect.
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