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    We got 4 striper from 12-16 lbs in my boat today........
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    From TWRA site: Striped Bass Identification Key
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    Cabin fever releaf if you need it. But the water needs another week ...to be productive fishing. Norris and Cherokee lakes are still high with a lot of color & still some trash. High flow incoming & out. Both lakes continue to drop as TVA try to take it back to normal seasonal operating levels. Water temperture is still cool around 50 with some shallow afternoon locations into the mid 55's. Brown algie bloom is just starting. A few walleye & crappie being caught. Wait another week if you can so you can watch the big bass tournament in Knoxville Tn. .
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    I wanna see a Panther. I saw one with a pair of kittens about 100 yards away from the Calderwood Powerhouse back in the 70's. We went to Chihowee to fish and got there very early. We decided to go up to the powerhouse to see how hard it was generating. It was still very dark when up from the water came the mother cat, with a long tail, followed by two young ones. Right through the illumination of our headlights ran the 3 of 'em headed back into the woods. There were a few back then, now....??? There's been a couple of 'em hit by cars over in North Carolina in recent years. I'm rooting on Panthers and Yetis to show up for portraits.....
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    I left the boat at home so all my hooks wouldn’t rust. I caught a bass off the dock and did some shovel work for drainage purposes. I also filled 3 contractor trash bags to the max of rotten drywall and styrofoam. Sweaty day
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    Ecox, if you are referring to the Bassmaster Classic it's this weekend. Starts tomorrow morning. If any of are attending, stop by Fitzgerald Rods and say hello. I should be there all 3 days. It's likely the largest show that's open to the public. Should be several thousand of our closest friends LOL
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    May and June are my most predictable & productive with bait easy to catch but I enjoy the fall months best. I love the fall because the boaters, skiers, many fisherman are finding other activities. The stable, comfortable fall weather patterns with other sportsman now hunting, football, basketball, & school leave the fall fishing to me.
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    Saturday was nice 55 F, mixed clouds and moderate NW wind, so hit watauga sat afternoon. Water was high and way over the ramp and fishing pier, but pretty clear., 46 F surface temp. bought my new TN yearly lisc. fishing was decent. got 6 lakers in 4 hours. kept 2 fat ones for the broiler. mostly deep 40 to 70 ft. all about the same size 18 to 22" Pics of fish and new axle, spindles and hubs installed for shorelander trailer. Hope this solve the bearing failure issue on the ride side... guys from SC also launched their pontoon for trout and some local at the ramp who fish alot mid week checking in to see what up. I promoted the trout trollers tourneys coming up...
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    The two best times to go fishing: when it’s raining and when it’s not hahaha
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    Well the lakes around here aren't or are they gonna be decent for a while so I think I'm gonna run down to Lake Hartwell next weekend. Getting reports of crappie up in top 10 feet of water and striper are very active. Have nothing to lose considering our lakes are like a humongous yoohoo. We will see how it goes.
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    Careful Rusty you will change your "Little fish guide service" name.
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    At the conclusion of the tournament at Lake Jocassee last Saturday, there were a number of boat indicating that they plan to be at the Watauga tournament next week and have strong interest in fishing the full proposed series. Would be great if this first tournament goes well and the series takes hold. Hoping for some fast lake trout action. It's been too long. https://youtu.be/FfKulnCfXeM
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    Fish Old Hickory out of Hendersonville. Spent years fishing MN (growing up), several years in GA (Alatoona) and several years fishing out of Tampa (inshore) and owned a 185CC Edgewater. (Sad day when I sold it...) Just bought a Lund to put around Old Hickory in. Firm believer in live bait - throw the cast net and feed the Stripes what they want. Happy to say I qualify for the senior discount...
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    When the dogwoods bloom, it's time to head up river...
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    I’m going fishing in the morning!
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    Update for you, Dada. The water at Walters bridge is still muddy but it's clearing a bit. The floaters seem to have went on down lake. Saw 3 guys that were catching crappie from the ramp at Walters Bridge. Under a float. Looked like maybe 4 ft under bobber. It's looking a lot better than yesterday.
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    Hello fellow anglers, I’m Mitch and I’ve been a full time guide for 32 years. Most of my time is spent chasing striped bass in middle Tennessee but I also have a passion for chasing monster trout. I fish both conventionally and I fly fish. I spend a good deal of time fishing salt water too. Typically chasing tarpon, redfish and snook. I’ve published over 200 articles on the inland striped and hybrid bass. So please feel free you use me as an info source. I’m a lure developer and fly innovator so we can talk that stuff too. If I’ve learned anything I’ve learned there is always something someone else can teach me. I’m here to learn and to share equally. I look forward to meeting you folks and sharing in our mutual passion for our amazing Tennessee waters.
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    So I'm going to be adding a wind turbine to our hunting cabin soon. We currently have solar but it doesnt seem to be able to keep up with moderate use. Where our cabin is is on the very top of a mountain and almost always windy. I figure wind turbine will work better but I want to use both systems. Hopefully we have someone on here that has more experience than I do that can answer some questions. I'm looking at a 2000 watt turbine. My biggest thought is batteries. I'm not happy with what I currently have and need suggestions.
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    Nah I just have friends that catch a bunch and make me look good !
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    Justfishn, where is Hartwell & can you wait for the rest of us to get our rods & go with you to get out of this rain?? LOL dada 2-24-19 8AM
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    I hope and pray ya'll stay dry and safe with all this heavy rain. Watch out for possible floods, landslides, and tornadoes too.
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    The striper are seeking thermal refuge from the warm water above the thermocline. There is good dissolved oxygen at all depth until July.
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    I have loved my aluminum boats for many, many years. WELCOME
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