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    Now I get most of it from specializedbalsa.com There was a good supplier in Memphis but he's not there any more. Came up with a new flat side design that I'm making now. Finished out it weighs 1/2 oz. Very versatile design and IT CATCHES FISH. Been working on it for almost 2 years but so far it's worth it.
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    First and foremost, download the TVA app on your phone to keep up with generation schedules. And check it no less frequently than hourly when on the rivers. I prefer to put in low, run upriver, and fish down. That way if they turn off the river, you are making a run to the trailer. Had that happen several times unexpectedly. All of these rivers are pretty much impassable without generation flow. My boat is a 25 1/2' inboard jet. I need 2' to take off and set down, 15" to draft and float, and about 8" to run depending on how much weight I am carrying (people, fuel, gear bait tank full/empty). Go to a pool supply shop and get an underwater repair patch kit, about $50. It is two tubes of heavy putty that you cut and mix. Sets up underwater. May come in handy. It isn't if you will hit something, just when and how bad are the results. Watauga is the most difficult of all. Cincinnati Insurance Company can attest to that on my boat. Misjudged a slot and major damage. Use the Wilber guide for generation schedule, NOT Watauga. Watauga minimum flow for me to be comfortable in most places is about 2,200, but I like more. I can do a few sections at 1,600 TVA messes with Watauga daily. Right now, it is running 2,650. I am comfortable on the lower end, avoid the Sycamore Shoals area, and I've never been above B-Cliffs. Holston minimum flow for me is 2,400. I can run from Boone Lake to the Wier Dam on this flow. I like 2,750 more, but this is fine. Several bad areas. Hickory Tree rapids, Cedar Falls, and the slot coming up out of Bluff City. Tons of miscellaneous rocks to remember and avoid. Clinch below Norris. I have fished several sections. Typically, I look for 2 generators of at least 6,000. I know a couple of sections. Ezell is the man here.
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    I managed to get 6 LM this morning. Two came out of 9' of water on a crig and the rest were right on the bank w/ texas rig.
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    I had Rainbow last Saturday night and Perch tonight. I love dead fish! My friend Captain D was out of town that I was gonna give the Perch to, so Rex and I are having them tonight. That big Perch that we were given, it had eggs in it. It should of laid them back in February or early March. Perch should be long spawned out by now. All the flooding and high water has indeed screwed up the spawning season for many kinds of fishes, if this Perch is a good indicator. I think it is. Rex said it had a bunch of eggs about the size of a chicken egg.
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    I think northern Canada is the place for you. No people and tons of open water. I fished tellico Saturday and it was beautiful with lots of fish. Far from "trashed"
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    The fishing on Cherokee is a lot different than on Douglas and yet there so close to each other. The smallmouth have been on fire recently, the largemouth pretty good too. I can catch some good bluegill on Douglas but not as many good sized ones on Cherokee. It seems the crappie are more cover related on Cherokee than Douglas, and while catching a few less than on Douglas the size is good. I prefer bass fishing and do not crappie fish nearly as much as you. but I do target Douglas for crappie and Cherokee for smallmouth. Both lakes have them but this is best for me. White bass on live bait, rooster tails and small cranks near Leadvale. Crappie still being caught on or near spawning areas from Swann's up. Seems to me that there is some spawners and post spawners of crappie and bass and I've started noticing bluegill's in shallow water. Hope the wife is ok.
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    Got a bit of a late start yesterday, about 10a and left @ 2p due to wind on lower end near stumpy hollow. Caught 4 bass on C-rig. Biggest was maybe 3lb. But they were dirt shallow but no bloody tails. Seems like the spawning process is going full swing with the upcoming full moon and all. I was all over the place, hitting a spot or two here and there that I hadn't fished for a long time. Pretty sure if I had started earlier I would have caught more, kinda have to stay focused as the bite is good but not fast. Saw some bluegills along the bank. Guess they're ready to rob the bass nests LOL Funny how they eat bass eggs and then the bass eats the bluegill eggs off the beds.
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    Dang, you’re nasty! Grihls . I mean Grylls
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    I’m pretty sure trout trollers happily eat all their dead fish. Leaving trash is a no no, everyone already knows that. Also they were targeting non native stocked fish
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    Now thats innovative, and only cost $300 worth of silicone
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    Spent a lot of time (and money) making everything from jigs to umbrella rigs including some crankbaits I'm really proud of but have always been intrigued by the craftsmanship required for making wood lures. Making all the Other Stuff has been enjoyable, but seemed to be stuff everyone else was doing. Over time I'll be phasing out all the other stuff from the shop and devoting my time more on the highest quality wood lures. This is a preliminary design for a 3" balsa flatside that I'm currently working on. I'll post the finished lure here after I fish with it for a while and know it's perfect. It's research & development you know but the wife says it's an excuse to fish. A Friend and fellow builder, Paul Harrison, recently told me "Wood was the past, wood is the present and wood will be the future". I believe he's right.
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    I have used Rapala balsa baits for years. Particularly shad raps in the spring. Like a tight wobble in cooler water and a wider wobble as the water warms. Not really a plug kinda guy after the summer starts. The shad raps and any other balsa baits I've used over the years have been my favorites. Balsa has some characteristics that plastic can't duplicate. It seems you have a labor of love with your craftsmanship. I salute you. You may have used up the "talent" but the more important skill set is undeniable.
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    I'm getting ready to go to Greensboro and you guys have been on the lake for a couple hours, not fair. After Fisher's state concert we'll be picking up some new line and some other goodies. I know that there is a lot going on in May, but I plan on being at the next one. I hope everyone stays safe and good fish are caught. Shea
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    left out the good parts-Crappie, walleye . Putting in at the ramp below the dam is no problem, but taking out is difficult because of the water swiftness. 2 persons are needed for best results. NOTE: Check the water release schedule before going. (865-632-2264). When asked, hit #4, then #07 for Douglas dam. If fishing on the quiet side under the dam, about 15 minutes & the water drops until you are stuck up there if they shut down. I never fished too far below the ramp, so can't inform as to the fishing situation. With the 8 1/2 ft water rise above the dam, try below the dam. dada 4-24-19. 8:55 AM
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    Going back to center hill tuesday,got another hour of engine breakin but will go back to the small cove with lumber,curious to see if the crappie have moved on shore.obviously will be doing some looking while running the engine,vary RPM,s up to 4500 once every 10 minutes for 1 minute open it up...bla bla makes for a busted up fishing day...just me and a bud...open seat.pm if anyone wants to go. No gas money required,6 pack of coors original and slim jims will fly.
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    Did you try that secret creek no one knows about?
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    I've used two worm sinkers on c-rig. One up and one down. Will not work well in big rocks. Works quite well in bedding areas, where bass are hanging now. Depends on the structure you are fishing. Can't go fishing until tomorrow so I got time to think. Scary how I think sometimes LOL
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    Worked way better than a standard drop shot keeping a lure/ bait at a specific depth while letting it bounce down stream. Basically a bullet weight and a small split shot at the very end of the tag. For whatever reason this worked amazing bouncing along the rocks without getting snagged even when dragging it back or letting it settle. What are y'alls thoughts?
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    You might turn the bullet weight upside down. allows the sinker to stir up dirt making a cloud of commotion
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    Use the pencil shaped drop shot weight and they are even less likely to hang up. When I fish tree tops for crappie I put a bobber stop string above and below my hook which makes it ajustable then tie a pencil shot at the bottom. Good Luck
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    The drop shot in your pic looks good to me. I think if you get snagged a few good pulls and the split shot comes off and the bullet weight which appears to ride against the shot comes off saving the hook/bait. May allow you to use a heavier weight and probably less expensive than a drop shot weight. Crappie guys have been using similar rigs a long time but the manufacturers market it as drop shot---marketing mostly. Cost more if it's a bass rig LOL Good moving water set up----IMHO
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    Got interested in the Jitterbug a while back. The one on the left was made in the 40s, on the right is my balsa version which has taken a long time to get the balance & action where I want it. Fred Arbogast produced his first one from wood in the 30s but starting in the 40s they were made of plastic. I just had to try to reproduce it in wood. The lips available are stainless & heavy so the lure tended to float face down as did Fred's first ones. To overcome this the body geometry had to be changed while still (with respect) resembling his bait. This is the 4th prototype & I'm satisfied. Hope you like it. Oh Yeah, that's a piece of cat gut hanging from the hook on the original & I'm leaving it there.
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    Thanks for the kind words & yes each bait takes a while but very rewarding. This is a 3" flat side balsa, the same as the unfinished one above, & is my favorite so far. Also tried it in the pond and it's a "bottom scraper". Though the long lip looks funny compared to store bought lures. IT WORKS. I cranked it up to the rip rap & released it, it backs up about 3' from structure & quickly rises. Looking for chunk rock on Norris hopefully Wednesday. The small lip runs 5-6' Thanks again
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    This one turned out "not perfect" so it ends up in my tackle box... hate it when that happens. Already tried it in the pond & it's a thumper with this lip. Balsa & dives 6-8' with a wide wobble. Taking it & a few others out next week for real world testing. It's research & development ya know.
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