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    I found Chevron Techron plus Marine for a good price. Amazon, I don't see any chevron stations around here but this is good stuff too . May try this. but I've used the Stabil and it's good stuff.
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    I'd love to have 18.5-19.5 tin boat with jet engine. Go anywhere most anytime. Can't afford one now and hate payment plans. But maybe some day.....
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    Mine is 23.5 plus a 2' swim deck, aka another spot for a bait tank.
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    Jet with a tunnel hull. 18-20' is good, bigger is better!! Look on Facebook Marketplace as there are usually several, as well as Craigslist.
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    Thought I would give you guys a heads up on a great deal. Amazon has Stabil 360 marine for $8.00 as I type this. I am a believer in this product after using it in my pontoon with every fill up and during winter storage.
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    Mine works good for that. 18.5 foot aluminum with 50 hp.
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    I live in La Crosse, WI and fish the Mississippi pools 7, 8 & 9. I mainly fish for Walleye, SMB and Yellow Perch. I'm retired but my wife has a few more years before she wants to retire. I would like to move & live out my retirement years to a place where it's not to cold and not to warm. I have heard that Northeast TN has some good water. So I was looking for fishing reports for TN lakes and reservoirs and my go-to forum for fishing reports and lake ratings had TN forums but it was not used by anglers in your neck of the woods. Then I found this website. I won't miss the Wisconsin winters but I will defiantly miss Hockey!
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    Thanks for adding me i just found your site
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    I am partial to my 1648 Polar Kraft jon boat. You can fish Peach Orchard from the ramp up to the first shoal and down stream to the first shallow shoal below ramp. If you have someone in the front of the boat directing you away from rocks, you can go on above the upper shoal if the water is not too low. When the water is up you can go anywhere you want.
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    I take my prop boat all over the clinch, center console aluminum. An 18' with a 90 is perfect for fishing there, the water is 10 feet deep and hauling ass 95 percent of the time. It was probably only low enough to safely kayak about 10-20 days out of 365 in 2019. I do wish my console was on the side though, I hate walking around it
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    Bass Pro offers the Heritage. New outfit for around 10,500. I'd love a jet but, big guy here, I might need to get a rocket LOL
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    I do love when I hook into those bronze beauties. Thank you for the welcome.
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    SioB3, Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. We would appreciate it it you'd post a reply below telling us about yourself. An introduction of sorts. Maybe answer some questions like: Where do you fish? What do you fish for? What area are you located? How did you find us? If you soon find yourself wondering why you can't find the fishing reports or maybe why you can't post in the classifieds, it's because you need to make 10 posts or replies first. This is something our members voted on. It helps foster lively discussion while at the same time it cuts back on spammers and one post (boat for sale) wonders. Finally, don't be afraid to click those buttons up top. Even though most of the action here is in our forums, there are a lot of cool features and great people here. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Don't forget to start your own album in our gallery too. Thanks for joining. Admin
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    Welcome Aboard!! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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