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    You may recall that I am on ski patrol at Beech Mountain, NC and have volunteered there as a patroller for pushing 20 years. I'm not bad on a pair of skis. About 6 months ago, I elected to have both of my hips resurfaced because of arthritis and my desire to remain active. Heck, the primary reason I scheduled the timing was for ski season this year. We opened the Friday after thanksgiving. I was a little out of kilter, because of the drastic change in geometry in my stance resulting from the hip surgery. Basically my feet now point forward as opposed to outward like a duck as they have been for about the last 10 years or so. Anyway, on my second run, things were starting to work well. Was on a flat part of the hill and I was making a turn to the left at relatively slow speed to pull along side a group of fellow patrollers. Had a ski edge run up under me, and I toppled over. Landed squarely on the point of my femur and heard the pop. Sled ride by my crew to the bottom, ambulance ride to the hospital, and a helicopter ride back to the hospital in South Carolina. The femur popped near, but did not involve the resurfacing implant. Surgery on Sunday morning by a great team. Out on Tuesday, and homebound for 6-8 weeks. No weight bearing on the left leg. Bumbling around in a wheelchair and have graduated to crutches. Staples out today. Both the orthopedic trauma surgeon and my personal doc said the implant had nothing to do with the break. I just had an unlucky fall on exactly the wrong spot. Get to ski next season. Recon I'll be the dispatcher for the crew after Christmas when I get to start weight bearing. Oh yeah, my fishing buddy and I were going to fish the Striper Challenge January 5-6 on Lake Hartwell. Fortunately they were nice enough to refund my entry fee. Oh well, next year. Ken
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    TNKen, Things COULD be worse. Right after retirement from the FD & teaching Ladder safety for 20+ years, I had a STEP ladder crumble while working on my siding. Broke my arm in THREE places, Doc said not to never try to play a banjo ,etc., then 2 heart attacks & 2 rounds of cancer later, I should play a tune for the doc! LOL. I am still catching crappie (sometimes!) & playing music 3 times a week & getting bye. Things can always get worse but springtime is just around the corner & the crappie are going to jump in the boat! dada 12-12-17 8:06 AM
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    Winter time is fish catching time. By far my favorite
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    ecox- I been spying them shad where they were and caught me a striper. I ain't fishing below a dam neither. dloveday - That f&f stuff is a TN thing? I love finesse tactics. My bread and butter in fact. Gonna have to set me up some of those bobbers. dada - I used to love playing guitar. Haven't for a while on account I can't sing. Tried playing on a banjo and it is a whole different world. I set my instrument down and leave it to the good guys. I love a good string band. Y'all got a fiddle? Tubejig - What are you doing? Making custom lures and fishing tournaments?
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    Nailed it!!! I was off on Douglas though, them boys are getting mid 40s readings last week! Water doesn't get that cold pretty much ever on the main channel of the Tennessee river where I live. I guess that Douglas water must be crazy cold, although I do remember seeing the whole damn thing frozen a few times
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    Picture from Knox County of the new kayak/canoe launch built in Concord Park by the fishing pier across from the RR track bridge. Not sure how it works. I guess they ended up clearing that whole spot out.
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    They did have 2 cranes setting there. Figured they would use them to lift up and out of water. Think they are removing it section by section.
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    I think Pete and charger have been dumping ice water all around your boat so the fish will run away
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    I just need to put the last 3 runners on. St. Croix SCV Light/fast 7 foot, 2 piece blank with a 12" graphite TN handle. Microwave guides (like I said in my review they were going on the next build. Best guides for spinning rods, easily. I just re-used my old ones. ) But with the guides I tweaked the spacing a bit because it is for the 1000 series reel Stradic ci4+ (would have never bought but for some reason they were over 50 dollars off on Amazon. Waited 3 months and they tried to suspend the order!) and isn't in a seat. Changed the position of the runners too using the information about static load from anglersresource. That was after I changed the placement a couple of times already and why I need a break from messing with guide placement. I used the thin metallic pearl thread as the guide wrap, which is more for accents and decoration but it is wrapped very tight and when the epoxy is fully cured I'll clean up any remaining tags. The color of the thread actually looks amazing in certain light. Oh, and haha, I went to the hardware store and craft store looking for something to fashion as a sort of winding check. Got a couple of things and Hobby Lobby has a sale on certain beads and a bunch of Swarovski crystal beads were on clearance as well. Ended up with quite the fancy "winding check". Anyway, sorry for the long post. I had been wanting to create something like this for quite a while and made the decision after much debate. I thought I would share to see if anyone had any thoughts, ideas, or suggestion. If you haven't tried, love a good rod, have a bit of free time, wish to save money with company kits, or just want to work toward building a one of a kind, individualized representation of passion, I would say you ought to check it out. If you made it to the end of this best...Thank you.
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    They aren't very big but there is a bunch of them , I think we got about twenty five, it was a fun day, with live threadfins for bait on bottom.
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    Here's one from Fort Loudoun today , live bait of coarse.
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    Damn extra letter...been leading me to a different kind of honey hole...
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    nice first fish of the day
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    I take reels apart all the time and they are mostly the same. I fixed a friends pflueger spinning reel with a spring from a lews American hero the other day. I have never bought any expensive rods or reels, therefore I had to learn how to fix them hahaha
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    kastking, doyo, Banax, Daton and a few other manufacturers do OEM work for some of the big name brands. A manufacturer contracts with companies to build their products to their own specs. Doesn't mean they are all equal in terms of quality materials or workmanship. Look at how many brands are out there. Rods/Reels are like any other channel of business. It's a global economy. Same thing for bait companies. Shimano is primarily a bicycle manufacturer. High end bikes. They know gears. That's why their reels are considered to be gold standard. But the Japanese economy is strong, like ours, and they have a lot of their stuff made in Malaysia. Sometimes, likely in the case of Rooster's line, you can get high quality products from a brand you never heard of. Not always. A guy I know runs a business and specializes in reel repair. Says the insides of Lew's and Abu's, reeves and such, are very similar. Made in same place with same quality. I don't really know. Don't discount China made products. Many are very good quality. It's the company having stuff build that may have high standards or not so high. Buy better brands, get warranty. Spend a lot. Buy cheap, usually no warranty. Take a chance. Read reviews and do due diligence. You many find a bargain. You may get burned. Good winter project if you have time. Sorry for the long post, just got carried away LOL
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    As said before, the upper Clinch River had plenty of walleye maybe 20 years ago, near the time when the Tennessee legistlators passed a law against TWRA stocking certain fish for three years because of the complaints from bass, walleye, crappie & bluegill fishermen. After meetings in Clinton, Tn., TWRA CEO, Bill Reeves, gave us a report that said " Since your group can't give a better plan, WE are going to stock 3.7 more per acre of Norris (& Cherokee)" Now, even TWRA says "there are no more river-straine walleye in the Clinch". But, CHEER UP fishermen, there are a few fishermen who say that they now catch a few 'eyes there, & I just recently saw a large school of walleyes on Douglas with my underwater camera. Now if I could only make 'em bite! dada 11-10-17 1:54 PM
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    I picked up 2 Perch on plugs trolling Chilhowee last Thursday. Late in the day I lost my crawler 3 times on my Wormburner crawler harness. It's hooks are too big for Perch. I caught a Rainbow on it and it was my hope I'd get a Walleye on it. It's probable that it was Perch that got my crawlers. If I'd of been using a tiny spoon or Flatfish with a piece of crawler, I might have caught a few more...??? On Chilhowee, the big Perch that sit in the channel are nearly always grouped a half-mile up or downstream from the Abrams Creek Bridge. I let the little one go. I ate the bigger one that was 15" and 1.75 pounds.
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