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  4. Fishfanatic


    Just sending out condolences to the family of the fellow fisherman that drowned in Lake Hartwell yesterday. Be safe out there.
  5. kwk

    epic brawl on UL tackle

    0Oh yea, BTW one heck of a way to test a new ultralite reel.35.00$ bass pro.micro lite elite,4lb. stren....one hell of a brawl.2 thumbs up to bass pro on this reel.most definitely not built or designed for this abuse.i was having line twist issues with the ul pflueger..it was only 15 years old? Whatever .if your in the market for a new ul reel and on a budget...here you go.cant do a much better test than this.
  6. Last week
  7. rusty50576

    Norris Next Saturday

    Haven’t been there since late June but we saw them chasing shad on surface right around there thanks to the advice of @ecox
  8. TNRoostertail

    Norris Next Saturday

    I have a company tourney next saturday 7am till 2pm. I am having a hard time finding bass. Were launching at loyston point but we can access most of the lake pretty quick. Can yall help a brother out? Thanks
  9. Fishfanatic


    Thanks for clarifying that. Since the water temperature was 84 degrees, I’m guessing it will be a late start for the fall turnover this year.
  10. ecox

    Striper movement

    Old article indicating the migrations of the Striped Bass.
  11. ecox


    The striper migration in the fall is to the most abundant bait fish available that is on the upper end of the reservoir. They have been trapped on the deepest end of the lake most of the late summer where there is cool water with dissolved oxygen. Evidence by tailrace discharge temps. They are a cool water (temperate sea bass) fish seeking water temps less than 70 degrees. Lake turnover normally happens beginning in September freeing them from their thermal trap. Turnover is a poor description for the deep water in the for bay of the dam that would be better stated as mixing. Surface water temperature falling back into the low 70's should show some surface breaks.
  12. Fishfanatic


    Why do they do that Ezel? I’d think they would wait and do that during the spring spawn.
  13. Me & the wench went back to our newest small lake place today.. finally cooled down.its a shellcracker pond just south of Livingston.Has bass and cats...and wwwaaaayyy to many snapping turtles.caught 3 snappers 15/20 lbs. And a softshell pushing 6/7lbs.fishing for shellcrackers 1st thing this morning on 4 lb. test i landed this monster.30 " long guess weight around 13 / 14 lbs...15 minutes...thought it was a big channel or flat...WRONG ...grass carp...on a worm.we caught enough redears & gills for dinner...what a hot mess...turtles and carp.pod.
  14. Troutgirl

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    I went to Chilhowee Lake for the afternoon yesterday. It turned out to be an unexciting afternoon of Perch fishing. The weather forecast said 5 mph winds from the northeast. The direction part was correct but the breeze was 5 MPH when it calmed down some occasionally. It was more like 8-12 MPH most of the time. It was choppy. I had lines in the water by 1:15 p.m. It took about a half-hour to catch a Perch on a hoochie. At the time it seemed encouraging but every strike I got was light and turned out to be a Perch. This went on till 7:15 p.m. when I gave up and went home. We marked bait and fish consistently between the ramp and the fishing docks upstream from Abrams Creek. We went through there three times and caught nothing better than a small Perch. Sonar was frequently showing 50 or more fish between 10-25 feet. They were widely scattered in other parts of the lake. The largest bait ball we saw was there. The Bass and Trout ignored our lures on this day. My brother drove and I fished. He has a sore shoulder or worse.... When we arrived the surface water at the ramp was 70. When we left it was 64. When we were well upstream at Tabcat Creek it was 62. Dropping Fontana is really cooling Chilhowee down. I'm sure it never made 80 degrees yesterday. I never boke a sweat. It was a pleasant day out except seeing all those fish on sonar and not getting any savage strikes!
  15. Tubejig


    don't know if this works or not, Dada, but some same adding one aspirin to the minnow bucket and keep water cold helps keep them from frying in this heat. Probably use a bit of Sure Life or another chemical brand and ice might help with minnows. We use it for our bass tourneys, Seems to work well. Just a thought
  16. smallieking

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  17. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. Don't forget to check your messages. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  18. encounc, Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. We would appreciate it it you'd post a reply below telling us about yourself. An introduction of sorts. Maybe answer some questions like: Where do you fish? What do you fish for? What area are you located? How did you find us? If you soon find yourself wondering why you can't find the fishing reports or maybe why you can't post in the classifieds, it's because you need to make 10 posts or replies first. This is something our members voted on. It helps foster lively discussion while at the same time it cuts back on spammers and one post (boat for sale) wonders. Finally, don't be afraid to click those buttons up top. Even though most of the action here is in our forums, there are a lot of cool features and great people here. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Don't forget to start your own album in our gallery too. Thanks for joining. ProTek
  19. dada


    Thanks for the info, Tube. My fishing partner, Charger 1, wanted to bring minnows yesterday, but I declined to do so because of the heat. NO MINNOWS, NO FISH! LOL dada 9-19-19 7:18 AM
  20. Tubejig


    While getting boat situated, in parking area, a fellow boater pulled up beside us. Just him and me up there fighting the heat LOL See him a lot and we shoot the bull a bit. Said he had 7 crappie on fly/minnow combo but they were short of keep size. The pipeline area. Not breaking any secrets here, he doesn't care. But he did catch em.
  21. Fisher87

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I like the times. I think I can get the Fri before off and make a long weekend trip out of it. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  22. Tidewater21

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    Oct 5th is the only Saturday in October I can’t fish. Jerry
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    A little flat side balsa crankbait video

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  26. Troutgirl

    Memorial Dy Evening

    I didn't know these Long Tail Motors were a thing. All I've heard about in recent years has been john boats with jet propulsion.
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